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The Betrayer

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In this game you must get to the boss who used to be your boss and destroy him for what he did to you!

Made during Maths & Computing Week at Everest Community College.

Made by Andrew, age 12.

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its not bad

you need to put more time in to this game

not to bad...

but needs a lot of work:
- better graphics (no offence :D )
- bug fix, the enemys don't even get near me, as far as I can see.
- and during the typing of this I came to the conclusion that they die on their own?! atleast I didn't watch for a moment, and now there aren't any enemies left, and I goto the: play again? thingy
- owh wait only the V formed enemys can't attack me, and the stickman's
- it needs a mute button
- and a lot of other improvements, like ingame instructions etc etc.

Yep you have a lot of work to do, but be glad that you don't have to use a real flash program with actionscript! it may gives more freedom how to make things happen, but if your a beginner it can be hard.

farther, success with your future games/movies

To be honest...

I'm quite impressed that you've already made a game at your age. I'm 20 and I can't even get my head around programming :P There are a lot of bugs in it, but keep it up and you'll be able to fix them eventually. Keep practicing :D