Foyle 2: The Jungle

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Deep in Amazon jungles another alien spaceship has landed and the swarms of aliens are infecting our lands taking control over region by region. Purge the vile aliens and save mankind in this amazing action game!

If you somehow reach 26th level....

Password: buddyshoot

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Quite the hard game, and the odds of finding anything while searching are low, but i just manage to complete it. 4.5 for some various glitches and gameplay flaws

Would have given a 9 out of 10, but...

I would have given you a 9 out of 10, except for one game-breaking glitch: when some of the enemies reach the wall and start attacking it, they seem to become invulnerable. Neither handgun bullets nor grenades have any effect on them whatsoever at this point. Only when they have broken a hole in the wall can you kill them. I noticed this only during the nighttime stages; haven't tested it out in the daytime (with no flashlight), and with the black scorpion/arachnid things.

Other than that glitch, there were two things that in my opinion detract from the game. First, some sort of blood splatter, audio reaction, or even twitching or flinching on the part of the enemies would help as a hit indicator. As the game currently is, there's nothing to indicate that you are hitting the target (although I was at an angle and distance not to miss the invincible scorpions attacking the wall).

Second, having a limited flashlight would make the nighttime stages more interesting--perhaps with a rechargable battery? The muzzle flashes already provide some illumination, and it would force the player to be more tactical whilst heightening the tension of those stages. As they are, the night levels are preferrable to the daytime ones, as the colours are easier on the eyes.

Overall, it would be a perfect game if it wasn't for that aforementioned glitch, and some better indicator of hits or misses would be great.

Nice Shooting game !

I am BIG fan of Foyle series.... I was waiting for the 2nd version for a long time.... Let me Play and have FUN..... hopefully it will be better than the 1st one

Complete Shooting

Like every guns this is the ROCK Game I give 10 point out off 10


Man could not get my lil' man out of left corner...so Sad. wanted to play this game. It looks really cool. The shooting sound that is always on is, nerve wrackin' yes found the mute button cause, the lil' man was standing on it.
P;z fix this so we can play. Looks so inviting!!!

puja71 responds:

PLz move your player with arrows or WASD keys to the green arrow

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4.02 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2011
2:27 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed