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Blachnon & Flora EP 3

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Author Comments

I originally made this animation a looooong time ago with fern but, I decided not to post it since I wanted to post it with a Pre Loader. It was made along with the first fern in Toon Boom Studio, then exported into flash were I added the Pre-loader and such. Enjoy.

chepe out

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An interesting short with an amusing story.

First off, i would like to say great work overall. It's quite clear that you put a lot of effort into this animation, and that effort shines through in an animation that made me giggle. I'll get to the pros and cons shortly but first I'd like to do a short synopsis for the people who didn't understand (sadly, there will be many).

The story of this film is as follows; The protagonist of this animation is strolling along in a field, picking flowers. She stumbles upon a red flower, swaying in the breeze, and decides that she must have this flower. As hard as she tries however, the flower will not come out. As the camera changes angle we see that she wasn't in a field like we thought at first, she was standing on a green monsters head. The "flower" was a part of this monsters head, which is used to lure in prey, much like an anglerfish.

There may be alternate interpretations, but that is mine.

As for my actual review, i liked this animation. The story made me giggle and the art style, though simplistic, fit quite well. The only two flaws in this video as far as i'm concerned are;

1. Upon spotting the flower, i believe the body language was a bit overdone. The swirly eyes and multiple lovehearts over her head just seemed too much for the situation. No matter how pretty a flower it is, it's still just a flower, and her reaction seems more fitting for spotting a long lost lover. I feel as though a single heart slowly rising, or a sparkle in her eyes would have been sufficient to let the audience know that she HAD to have that flower. I understand it was probably done this way to make that point extra clear to the audience, but anyone used to this artistic medium would pick up on that even with a more subtle approach, and those who aren't will never understand unless told (as evidenced by the below review)

2. It was too short! We had only just been introduced to the main character and seconds later the animation was over. I feel a little character introduction could have gone a long way, but it may also change the light-hearted and funny feel of the situation into a tense one out of worry for her safety.

All up this is a very good animation, with a few slight nitpicks here and there. Hopefully this won't be Fern's last Adventure!


I don't get it

The whole Flash made no sense. Its important make the story more clear for viewers.

Credits & Info

4.64 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2011
1:52 AM EDT