I would never lie to you

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A game about who you can trust, how to lie, and were to stop.

My first game, sorry that there is no audio, I could not for the LIFE of me get ANY music to play. If you could leave a comment and help that would be MUCH appreciated.

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I would never lie to you: This game is Horrible.

This game has so many flaws that i don't even know where to start. For starters, the movement mechanics are unresponsive and glitchy: you can get stuck in blocks, jumping is awkward, you can glitch the game out and jump straight up the sides of the level to break the "puzzles" and the player "character" slides when you stop which adds a whole new level of awkwardness to the gameplay.

Speaking of the character, you're just a metal ball. Seriously? I mean, why is a piece of metal sentient and how can it jump. It's completely stupid, and not in a funny way.

Another glaring issue is that you don't even know how to spell. That should be a requirement if you're going to post a game on the internet but it seems like the concept of proofreading is lost on you. Christ, you could even just use spellcheck and let the computer fix your mistakes for you, but that would be too hard, right?

Finally, you did the absolute bare minimum of work to make this game. I recognize these sprites, they're from game maker, a program that does all the coding for you and gives you sample sprites to teach you how to create them. Schoolkids use this program as an introduction to game design. I used this program as well several years ago and even back then everyone in my class, myself included, made better games than this. Instead of actually learning something you just used the example sprites to create your entire world. You could easily have made your own, but again, effort would be required.

So to summarize; getting an educational program to do all of the coding for you, stealing all sprites from tutorials designed to teach you how to make your own (which you clearly didn't read) and poorly worded dialogue complete with spelling errors, all thrown into a generic level design, does not a good game, make.

My advice to you is to:
1. Stop making games that would make a 9 year old facepalm in embarrassment.
2. Go back to Game Maker and do the tutorials. If you use the program for what it's designed for, you might actually learn something.
3. Use what you've learned to create an original game with your own artwork. Repeat this, trying new things each time.
4. Learn new techniques like coding or 3D modeling at Tafe or whatever. Apply these new skills to the next game you make.
5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you can make a good game. Do NOT post games on the internet until you are certain it is at least decent; doing so says to the world that your game is of high enough quality for it to be something many people can enjoy. This is not such a game.

Great game, if you can look past the surface

Despite what the others say, I like the way you used the text in this. It was deep and almost poetic. Even if you do manage to get the audio to work you'll still have to work on the visuals though. Don't get discouraged though.

If you'd like some help adding ambient music just send me a P.M. and I'll see what I can do.

NinjaThumb responds:

Thanks! I'm going though the tutorials so I will be making MUCH better games in the future.

I mean, it's interesting,

But the jump controls are awkward, and this makes the levels incredibly awkward. You need to have jumping at stationary points, not just when the player is moving. I found it interesting, but just cannot give this a high score.


It's not a very bad game,but there are some stuff:jumping is hard,levels are not very well made,game is pointless after all,you copied some ideas from Jack In The Box at one of the last levels and the main Depict1 idea.I will give you only 2 points because:the game actually works and for your time making it,and next time make your games better or else I might give you a 0.But you are only a beginner for now.You should know that if you continue to make short and boring games like this one you will not get to anywhere...And please stop copying from parts to parts.:D


this game suckssss

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Jun 15, 2011
11:31 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other