Eukarion Tales 2

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I was traveling to complete the training as a knight of the Absolute, but the voice of the sacred tree sounded in my mind. It showed me a vision of an elf who fought against Kaos. Maybe I could have ignored the call, but I did not. I left the main trail and found myself in a dark forest...

Genre: Hack'n'Slash RPG.
Trailer: http://bit.ly/mJgvoP

WARNING: This game is quite heavy, a decent CPU is recommended.

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Mouse controls.
In-game instructions.
Game Guide: http://bit.ly/jJGV2R
Maps: http://bit.ly/lcmrPG

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This game is 100% like Kings Island 1 - 3. Same gameplay 100% and everything, still fun though.

great, very engaging game

My only qualms is that the graphics on the first game is way much better. But gameplay is much more fun. The defense tree should at least have more choices or spell. If theres ever a part 3 i'll be sure to play it. TWO THUMBS UP!!!!

Great game

The skill trees could have been bit more complex, especially for the defense one. This is because the defense one was just a better defense spell than the previous. Also in checking my maps for the levels, they are unhelpful. One could just follow the road to make it through a map. There was also one map that was mislabeled. Another annoying feature was the auto attack. This is because when you don't see a unit on your screen and want to collect loot that dropped, the character would just attack, and make it tough to loot before attacking again.

However the graphics were extremely well done and the small amount of lag is understandable given it is 3-D.

lots of bugs

I thought it was decent, except the skill trees and stat info.

nice game but...

only one character is available. if you have play character Eladen, you must pay real money on ageofgames

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2.97 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2011
3:18 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG