Osama Bin Laden Collab

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This collaboration shows the life and death of Osama Bin Laden. It has been made to attract casual audiences, so if you're an old fan, you probably won't like it. So don't watch it. We'll make some stuff later that you can watch OK?

Thanks Golfinho and Woodensneakers for being such pros.


Awesome animation. All of them were cool and unique.

The title screen song is rockin too. That first line is catcher.

Well done.

Indeed. The animations were... Interesting. XD

Personally, I liked Catobleper's the best. Then Golfinho's, and Wooden Sneakers's. Btw, speaking of Wooden Sneakers, what was the song he used in his animation? :D

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Oh, it is so refreshing to know I can still get a hearty chuckle out of this kind of shit.
Nice work, guys! See you in hell, Osama!

Oh dear

I thought this was pretty entertaining :)

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This is what collaborations should be...

The submission on display is fantastic, obviously it's going for shock value,
and each of the animators deliver.

That said the shock value would be worthless, if the animation and content itself wasn't interesting.

I really love Catobleper's psychedelic use of colours, and bizarre art style, and I also like to go frame by frame to catch the subtle things he hides in his work.

Golfinho's animation and art style are reminiscent of a "Saturday morning newspaper" type of cartoon, it makes his work particularly comedic.

WoodenSneaker's piece was the roughest of the three in terms of animation, and his art style while unique doesn't seem to be conducive to his animation process.

That said the three submissions are all cool, yet different despite dealing with the same theme.

The music selection on display here are the overlooked gems of the piece, I particularly find Mistercoops "Haunt a Bitch" a quixotic masterpiece of "acid techno".

Additionally the menu while simple is very aesthetically pleasing and compliments all the submissions perfectly.

The only things I feel would have made the flash better were if there were more submissions by different authors, and perhaps some special features.

- Celx

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Jun 15, 2011
1:05 PM EDT
Comedy - Original