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You can resize the game with the "expand" icon ! ;)

UP allows you to jump.

SPACE creates a block under the Probe (as long as you have some in stock).

ENTER engages the auto-destruction of the Probe, which is particularly useful if you get stuck because of your own blocks, for example.

And the Left and Right arrow keys obviously are used to go left or right.

Careful ! You need to refill the probe's energy in lit areas quite often, otherwise your probe will progressively lose its power, become slower and slower and finally turn off, cutting the signal.

There are 3 checkpoints, the last one gives you infinite lives.

(please note that all sounds used in this game are not mine, and licensed under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license, from Freesound.org.)

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Compact fun!

Cool idea! Might be a tad more helpful to point you in the right direction in the beginning as I spent a few minutes wondering how to start before realising I was just meant to fall out the back of the ship.
Otherwise, I can't say I like the looping background "ambience" all that much, some of it doesn't actually loop that well together.
But a nice little game overall :)

Tiny little treasure

At first my impression was "WTF is this tiny little things?!!.", then I just play and I really enjoy it. The screen format is just great and the fact you have to deal with to ressources "square" and "light" is an idea as simple as effective.

I wish you good luck and I hope people will enjoy it as much as I did!

Kouboooo responds:

Thanks !! At last, one person who don't grumble at me. :)


If this thing got rejected like 3 times, dont keep submitting it. I dont think its right to try to keep uploading something until it passes. If people didnt like it the first 3 times they probably wont like it the 4th.

Kouboooo responds:

It was not rejected, I was forced to delete it but my apologies if I could not edit the game with corrections (corrupt file at each import...can't explain) and was forced to resubmit it from scratch. It was very enjoyable for me to do so...thanks again for the cheer. :/


Wasn't this game blammed yesterday? It is quite bad in my opinion and why resubmit the same thing to the portal?

Kouboooo responds:

Sorry if you found it so bad. No it was not blammed, see the answer above for the explanation...

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4.21 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2011
12:48 PM EDT