IAMW, Charlie Brown

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Full Title: "It's A Mad World, Charlie Brown"

After being kicked from his baseball team Charlie Brown struggles to maintain his sanity.

Note: Don't forgot to check out the extras for more back-story.
+ Small Easter Egg in the art gallery

Also on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=1XzhIlQAEpU


Hell of a video!

This is an awesome production! I love seeing Lucy dead, baby!! XD I'll be looking forward to the sequel and any other productions of this!

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Seems familiar

As a giant "Peanuts" fan, I admired how precise everything was to its detail. I have always been a fan of the artwork of the "Peanuts" characters, even if it wasn't that well done. I was thinking this would be a collab like that other Mad World flash. It wasn't really that much about the song, anyway. I know there's another cartoon here featuring Charlie Brown killing Lucy with a katana or something. I can't remember the name, but she deserves it either way.

The voices were pretty well made out. I did kind of feel like Charlie Brown sounded like an Englishman or something at one point. I liked how you included Schulz's nickname "Sparky" in this. It was a cool idea to have a prequel comic, especially considering it was in the format of the regular comic strip. Oh wait, that katana cartoon was made by you, great stuff anyway.

whoa...i can find a single bad thing about it

the music...the killing....the charlie brown....the satan....awesome

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Excellent animation

the animation itself feels like the original tv version of the cartoon and it makes me think you are related to the guy who made the tv series of snoopy and the peanuts, and i will say it again excellent animation hope to more animation like this.


i need to praise this on a few points.
firstly: soundtrack
the music you used was perfect. every little clip of music set the mood so perfectly. it was dark, ominous, scary, creepy, demonic, and suited every scene incredibly.

title screen
really nicely done. simple, again with a nice soundtrack. and really awesome when you press the play button (it perfectly sets the mood for what you're about to watch). also love that you have a scene selection, prequel episodes, and even an art gallery! shows a flash with a lot of effort behind it.

VERY well done. you got the charlie brown style dead on. i don't know if you just copied and pasted a lot of stuff, but regardless, you did the animation awesomely, and it turned out well, for which i applaud you.

love the whole premise of something dark and scary happening within the peanuts universe. i think it's perfectly suited because in truth it's a a comic with somewhat adult stuff happening in the background sometimes. you have sort of this hapless character in charlie brown who now is shown to finally sort of SNAP. i think the idea and execution of this idea are amazing. love the demon stuff and the murder scene was good too (although in terms of animation, should have been sped up with the stabbing a bit, lol)

my only complaint throughout the whole thing was the voice acting for charlie brown was just a bit off.

i gotta say i really cant wait for the next one!!! it said q4 2011, so i'm really hoping it comes out soon. good job on this animation, my friend, keep up the good work! this is the kind of stuff i like to see on newgrounds.

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