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A real-time strategy with RPG elements set in sci-fi world. Build structures and units: robots, tanks and aircrafts, control your hero and upgrade weapons to destroy the enemy!

P.s: Please, if you'll find a bug or something you don't like in the game, don't blame the game. Just comment, and I will try fix it asap!



About ballance.

The races are well ballanced.
Yes, Tridalian's Otary is much more powerfull than Idatu's Pawn or even Proto, but its price is much higher.

Yes, instant teleport of Idatu's Spygun is much better, than flying ability of Tridalian's hopper. But Spygun's price is much higher.

Yes, Idatu's Pawns and Protos are uneffective agains Hoppers. But hoppers are weak (have not much HPs) and it's easy to destroy them with a Shira/Apoly if available or with your hero.

Yes, Tridalian's Calm is a weaker anti-air unit as compared with Idatu's Shira. BUT Tidalian's Avoses are effective anti-air units too. Avoses have fast pulse lasers, which allows them to win against Gatas, because Gatas are slower, and Gatas' weapons are slower too. So the resulting picture is:

Idatu's gata are effective support agains ground units.
Tridalians Avoses are effective multipurpose units. They are effective against most of Idatu's ground units and against Gatas too.
Idatu's Shiras are great support anti-air units, which effective against Avoses and Hoppers.
Tridalian's Calms are effective against Gatas and Shiras.
Idatu's Apoly is good long ranged tank, but its price is high and it's not effective against Avoses.

When you place Idatu campaign, you think, that Tridalians are better, when you play Tridalian campaign, you think opposite. I'll explain you why. In consideration of races are ballanced, and you have a hero, but computer doesn't, computer starts with better technolgies and higher mines and power plants levels. That give him a chance to win. So if you will not use your hero and just build units, you will think, that the opposite race is better, but it's not.

That's it ;) Sorry for my english.


Well, I like it..

From my point of view this game is really good. I think the reason people are giving it low scores is because they are comparing it to some other popular warfare/RPG/other great game.

See this is just a free flash game, and so it will never really be perfect. But for what it is i think it's pretty impressive. It's not easy to make a fully functional flash game, especially with such nice graphics. People should review it for what it is. Not what it could be.

Yes it could be better if you had tons of money, but you don't and I get that. I think it was a very good attempt, and a very popular concept. As I stated above the graphics were wonderful. I really like the moon-like terrain and the bot designs.

As for the two races ( Tridalian, and Idatu) I thought they were equally in balance. See the Tridalian favor speed, while the Idatu favor power. It is fair for the Tridalian to have faster enemies, but that is what makes them better. Same for the Idatu. They're enemies are slow but much more powerful.

The game was based on warfare so I didn't worry to much about the main character upgrades, because to me it's not the hero that matters it's his soldiers. Because the hero cannot survive on his own he needs soldiers to back him up. You could have the most powerful hero ever in the game but it wouldn't matter if all your soldiers sucked. So to me the while upgrading the hero thing didn't bug me at all.

Overall 9/10. I only have but a few suggestions. First is to be able to switch weapons on the hero. For example, the main weapon is a single shooter, then you can switch to another weapon which is automatic (but then you have to collect ammo for it). Also another thing that would be nice is to updgrade individual bots. Like it would be nice to upgrade the speed for the Idatus protos. My last suggestion is to add a third race. A race that has both an equal balance between power and speed. This adds even more fun because then the higher levels can have 3 races all fighting at once, adding difficulty and fun.

Again I know this isn't going to the BEST version of the concept ever, but by making this I think you have shown you have the potential to make great things. Overall 9/10. And please make a sequel. I look forward to it!

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episodeent responds:

Thank you very-very much for your understanding, your support and constructive feedback!

I usually don't...

but I enjoyed this real-time strategy. I liked how it looked, I liked how I had my own unit, I liked the simplicity of the game. I did not have any major errors that ruined the fun, which is good. When you create a sequel, I would suggest adding more to upgrade like speed, range, and maybe upgrades for the units too.

The reason I gave this a 9 instead of a 10 is because I did not know what sort of units I would get from each race, I would liked some lore about this universe, and I did have a little problem control where my units went. Overall it was a great game!

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episodeent responds:

Thanks a lot! I will try to take into account all user's suggestions and make great sequel to the game!

quite good

i liked the game. my main disappointment is that after completing all 6 levels with one race and the first level with the second race, i was unable to go on to the 2nd level. i was able to keep replaying the 2nd race's first level and all the levels on the first race, but there was effectively no reason to keep playing at that point.

overall good work. keep it up.

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episodeent responds:

Right click on the flash game and allow unlimited storage for the site!


This game is really good for someone who worked alone on this game.
The races are in my opinion quite balanced.
There is just one thing that needs improving

Maybe you can move your own troops and attack specific troops ,by clicking left and then selecting the troops you want, and then right click on the target you want to attack.

Quite like the system of attack and movement they use in Age Of Empires.

Until that, kudos.

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episodeent responds:

Thanks a lot!

I will make it in the next game!

Nice :3

This a great game for someone who likes to shoot guns by themselves

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4.02 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2011
9:57 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)