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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Jun 15, 2011 | 9:57 AM EDT

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A real-time strategy with RPG elements set in sci-fi world. Build structures and units: robots, tanks and aircrafts, control your hero and upgrade weapons to destroy the enemy!

P.s: Please, if you'll find a bug or something you don't like in the game, don't blame the game. Just comment, and I will try fix it asap!



About ballance.

The races are well ballanced.
Yes, Tridalian's Otary is much more powerfull than Idatu's Pawn or even Proto, but its price is much higher.

Yes, instant teleport of Idatu's Spygun is much better, than flying ability of Tridalian's hopper. But Spygun's price is much higher.

Yes, Idatu's Pawns and Protos are uneffective agains Hoppers. But hoppers are weak (have not much HPs) and it's easy to destroy them with a Shira/Apoly if available or with your hero.

Yes, Tridalian's Calm is a weaker anti-air unit as compared with Idatu's Shira. BUT Tidalian's Avoses are effective anti-air units too. Avoses have fast pulse lasers, which allows them to win against Gatas, because Gatas are slower, and Gatas' weapons are slower too. So the resulting picture is:

Idatu's gata are effective support agains ground units.
Tridalians Avoses are effective multipurpose units. They are effective against most of Idatu's ground units and against Gatas too.
Idatu's Shiras are great support anti-air units, which effective against Avoses and Hoppers.
Tridalian's Calms are effective against Gatas and Shiras.
Idatu's Apoly is good long ranged tank, but its price is high and it's not effective against Avoses.

When you place Idatu campaign, you think, that Tridalians are better, when you play Tridalian campaign, you think opposite. I'll explain you why. In consideration of races are ballanced, and you have a hero, but computer doesn't, computer starts with better technolgies and higher mines and power plants levels. That give him a chance to win. So if you will not use your hero and just build units, you will think, that the opposite race is better, but it's not.

That's it ;) Sorry for my english.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not a complete game,but it's good anyway

Good game,but i think that idatu is stronger and the hero is too weak,even with max lev,and also it level up very hard.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This game has a lot of good concepts...

But the execution has several flaws in it. For example, although you explain why the races are 'equal' in the description, it does not hold completely true. For example, although when playing as Tridalian you have a hero and the enemy does not, it does not matter that you have the hero because the Idatu have a boat-load of aircraft. Well, one could argue that Tridalian have anti-aircraft, sure, but they cannot do anything BUT fire at aircraft, tend to travel to the FRONT of your army (get killed the fastest) and it takes about 7-9 of them to kill a SINGLE enemy aircraft in one volley. Furthermore, if you say you ought to upgrade rockets on the Tridalian hero, well I did that, infact, I have level 5 rockets, and in Skirmish mode I stood there firing at 8 enemy aircraft flying over my base for more than 2 minutes, failing to kill all of them after firing close to 100 rockets. Then you throw on top of that the fact that Idatu aircraft can shoot rockets themselves at ground units and air units (superseding the entire point of having anti-aircraft counter anything.) All of that mixed in results in Idatu with a large advantage over Tridalian. This is so insane in fact, that I DARE you to beat Skirmish mode with Tridalian. It is practically impossible. I have tried for 3 hours now, hero up to level 14, still cannot beat skirmish mode with Tridalian.

Also, you need to add a highlighting feature to the game where you can select certain groups of units or all of one type to move them somewhere or give them specific commands (the ones already in the game). This is because I often want to keep my anit-aircraft at the base and send tanks forward rather than just send EVERYTHING forward.

Needs a bunch of work, but as the title says, concepts are all there.

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episodeent responds:

Thanks you for the very helpfull review!
Sure I can beat skirmish modewith tridalian. Yes, it's hard and it requires the strong hero ~level 15 or higher. Campaign is for training, skirmish mode is a challenge.

p.s. I completed skirmish with Tridalian in 36 minutes. That was 2 tries. I started with hero level 1. I lost first game, but I received 4 upgrade points. I used 2 points to upgrade Mech and 2 points to upgrade ion gun. Then I played second time and won.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Game did not work

after the moonmana splash screen the flash screen goes grey - wanted to play but cannot :x running latest flash -- tried both in ff5 and chrome


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice :3

This a great game for someone who likes to shoot guns by themselves


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Found bug

Not a bad game mate,
a little repetitive but I was planing on finishing it with both races and when I got to the green race I couldn't get the second level unlocked I finished the first mission several times but I could not get into the second level, I use Chrome if that helps?
Anyways not a bad game, with some improvements in a couple of areas you could have a really sweet sequel!
Let me know when you make part 2 mate!

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