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A real-time strategy with RPG elements set in sci-fi world. Build structures and units: robots, tanks and aircrafts, control your hero and upgrade weapons to destroy the enemy!

P.s: Please, if you'll find a bug or something you don't like in the game, don't blame the game. Just comment, and I will try fix it asap!



About ballance.

The races are well ballanced.
Yes, Tridalian's Otary is much more powerfull than Idatu's Pawn or even Proto, but its price is much higher.

Yes, instant teleport of Idatu's Spygun is much better, than flying ability of Tridalian's hopper. But Spygun's price is much higher.

Yes, Idatu's Pawns and Protos are uneffective agains Hoppers. But hoppers are weak (have not much HPs) and it's easy to destroy them with a Shira/Apoly if available or with your hero.

Yes, Tridalian's Calm is a weaker anti-air unit as compared with Idatu's Shira. BUT Tidalian's Avoses are effective anti-air units too. Avoses have fast pulse lasers, which allows them to win against Gatas, because Gatas are slower, and Gatas' weapons are slower too. So the resulting picture is:

Idatu's gata are effective support agains ground units.
Tridalians Avoses are effective multipurpose units. They are effective against most of Idatu's ground units and against Gatas too.
Idatu's Shiras are great support anti-air units, which effective against Avoses and Hoppers.
Tridalian's Calms are effective against Gatas and Shiras.
Idatu's Apoly is good long ranged tank, but its price is high and it's not effective against Avoses.

When you place Idatu campaign, you think, that Tridalians are better, when you play Tridalian campaign, you think opposite. I'll explain you why. In consideration of races are ballanced, and you have a hero, but computer doesn't, computer starts with better technolgies and higher mines and power plants levels. That give him a chance to win. So if you will not use your hero and just build units, you will think, that the opposite race is better, but it's not.

That's it ;) Sorry for my english.


what kinda stuff is this?

one star for the frustration level that ensued after trying to beat level three for an hour. Riddle me this batman, how is it that three of there planes can waltz into my base with eight flyers, five trumps and a buncha soldiers, take no damage and destroy my base as if they werent taking fire from my troops at all?

That is what we refer to as a major design flaw, fix this, balance the teams out a little more, like making the enemy build mines and such as well, having them start out with a fully built base is kinda BS...

episodeent responds:

This means you did not figured out how to play. The best strategy is to build mines at first, while building mines, go to enemy base with your hero and destroy some units. Then build some units, but do not attack. Wait when computer attacks and protect your base. Keep killing enemies with your hero, do not die. Make huge army with diferent unit types. Do not attack when enemy have a lot of units on his base. Only counter attacks are effective.

Its ok.

kinda hard 2 beat after lvl one cause u dont have an army 2 start out with like the enemy


Maybe it's just me, but the game-play seems a bit too slow. The first level in campaign wasn't really difficult, but...:

Units killed 334
Units lost 848

I attacked with all my troops, but it took me surely more than an hour altogether to beat level 1. Did anyone else have this issue?

I love the game so far, but as was suggested - you could implement status effects. It'd be great if you could add a kind of skill tree for the hero. You could choose only one branch of skills, which would include active and passive skills. There are tons of possibilities for skills - cause damage over time, higher defence for troops, extra speed.

I'd say it's a good base for a quality game. Thanks a bunch. :]

It's alright..

.. But too easy in my opinion. You just have to develop something that works and you can stick to it the entire game.
On other notes, you need to give the mortar a maximum range as currently you can fire on the enemy base from your own by unlocking the camera, panning to their base, click and hold mouse on their base, lock camera on your hero again. It's not an effective way to defeat them, but still an exploit.

episodeent responds:

I did not know that it's possible :)
It works only once, than you need to repaet all the actions with camera to make another shot. It's unreal to win this way :)

a rerun to me

its a nice game but, growing up with command and conquer and also the warcraft games takes a lil away from this game for me. Nice game otherwise.

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4.02 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2011
9:57 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)