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ToastedToastyToast 1942

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aka How ToastedToastyToast got so Toasty.

DISCLAIMER: All persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Featuring original artwork by VuvuzelaClock

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Hmm... no.

Sorry, I'm not in on this one - a shame, because your repertoire was brilliant, promising and then poor, to be honest. You set the bar way too high with your first piece and it kind of fell apart towards the end of this year's collection. We know you're capable of a lot better.

There's a lack of plot here, you've changed one piece of the picture to say "fags" and the image of Hitler is hardly very animate. Perhaps give some audio from one of his ranting rallying speeches in Nuremburg, or somewhere and animate everyone's favourite dictator.

Again, so much potential is on show, but you're not cashing in on that potential. More work is necessary, to reap the rewards that are available to you.

[Review Request Club]


Ah, this must have been submitted during the "beef" ClockCrew vs ToastedToastyToast. And here's the explanation why TTT is so toasty. He jumped into a toaster. Propably because The Fags told him to do so. Or maybe he was scared of Hitler and saw no other way out? The flash doesn't show this story twist however. It is open for interpretation.

{ Review Request Club }


I honestly have no idea what just happened.

I guess this should tell the story of ToastedToastyToast's origin, but it really doesn't. The swap between TTT and Hitler gives off no explanation, and I have no idea what "The Fags" are doing in here. Seems very random to me. Flash is also very short, and if you're telling the story of TTT's origins, you should think of making it longer.

The filter and audio is pretty neat, though the audio doesn't fit the time period you've set this in, 1942. The grainy look on the flash is pretty neat.

Review Request Club


another toasty animation.

I thought the old film look at the beginning of this one was cool; not quite sure why you picked the year 1942 though :o.

overall this piece like your other ones was cool, but a good lot of things could use improving..
This was also kinda short... maybe put a little more effort into your submissions?
Or not...
Whatever makes you happy.

Cool Beans
~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-


Well this was an interesting yet very short piece of work anyways. What was he saying before he jumped into the toaster anyways? Wonder if he was debating which one was actual art on this piece though. Not too much going on here but I still found it to be interesting anyways so nice work here.

Like how the animation just seems to be a filter placed on top of the one layer to give it an old look to it. Almost like watching a very old silent film with someone behind the screen playing on a piano of sorts as well. Nice little short piece anyways.

Overall, toasty!!

Review Request Club