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Dillo Hills

rated 4.16 / 5 stars
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Jun 14, 2011 | 2:11 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place June 15, 2011

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Junior Bird Stomper 5 Points Stomp on 8 birds.
Junior Crystal Collector 5 Points Collect 150 crystals.
Junior Navigator 5 Points Perform 25 perfect jumps.
Junior Pilot 5 Points Fly at maximum altitude for a total of 45 seconds.
Learning 2 Fly 5 Points Reach zone 2.
One stone? 5 Points Stomp on two birds in a single jump.
6 Impossible Things 10 Points Reach zone 6.
Birdmageddon 10 Points Stomp on 16 birds in a single game.
Good 4 You 10 Points Reach zone 4.
Hat's Off To Ya 10 Points Unlock and purchase any hat.
Hobbyist Bird Stomper 10 Points Stomp on 45 birds.
Hobbyist Crystal Collector 10 Points Collect 2,000 crystals.
Hobbyist Navigator 10 Points Perform 250 perfect jumps.
Hobbyist Pilot 10 Points Fly at maximum altitude for a total of 2.5 minutes.
Professional Bird Stomper 10 Points Stomp on 125 birds.
Professional Crystal Collector 10 Points Collect 10,000 crystals.
Professional Navigator 10 Points Perform 1000 perfect jumps.
Professional Pilot 10 Points Fly at maximum altitude for a total of 8 minutes.
Shroombelievable 10 Points Bounce on 3 consecutive mushrooms without touching the ground.
Worldly Goods 10 Points Reach zone 3 without picking up any crystals on zone 2 (except on the final ramp).
King of the Hills 25 Points Fly away into the sunrise.
Sunshine 9 25 Points Reach zone 9.
The Mad Hatter Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments


Build up speed by rolling down hills, then use that momentum to ramp up into the sky and soar.

Click and hold the bottom of the screen to dive and build speed, click the top of the screen to glide in the air.
If you fail, buy upgrades in the shop and try again!


Howdy, folks!

Dillo Hills is my take on the Tiny Wings / Wavespark genre: I hope you guys like it!

A big thanks to the guys who worked hard with me to get this game rolling!
John "Changko" Tiangco - Art
Jason "Strike911" Koohi - SFX / VO
Chris Hurn - Music



Rated 5 / 5 stars

The exact same thing as tiny wings

Still, it's very fun. Keep up the good work. I like the addition of upgradable things and multiple characters. I'm tired of playing a flightless bird on my iPhone.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game, but very flawed for the OCD

I've spent who knows how much time playing this game. It's simple, it's fun flying really far in the air, and the skill cap is absurdly high. I've beaten the game, then I beat the game again with almost no upgrades, then I did it again just for kicks. It's enjoyable =)

Okay, now for the not-so-fun stuff. MEDALS DO NOT WORK AS ONE WOULD BELIEVE IT SHOULD!! I don't mean to be a bully about this, but this is possibly the biggest fail this game has. A good breakdown on how to get all the medals can be found on page 735 of the "Newgrounds Medals - Games and Tips" thread in NG's Where is / How to forum. Please, for the love of jebus and medal wh0res everywhere, test the game like an actual player next time.

The hills and mechanics of the game are great, and they're certainly up to the standards I would hold for myself (which is to say, very very high). But after hours and hours of playing and becoming an expert at the game, I found a few annoyances and flaws that I think should be addressed:

--Some hills in Zone 4? are insta-fail hills, in that you "launch" on the uphill side, but then immediately crash or something bizarre on the SAME uphill side. Eww.
--Zone 7 and beyond, sometimes you find really flat "hills" that you just cannot get perfects off of. I suppose this is a challenge inherent in the terrain, but when you're faced with a lot of this and thunderclouds blocking the only good divot you can use, it makes me sad.
--What's with the speed decrease near the end of the game? As if the terrain in Zones 7-9 aren't evil enough, you end up going half speed compared to the beginning of the game, and as a result, unless you roll off of hills like a madman, you're leaking happiness, and time is your enemy.
--Sometimes when you're making snap decisions, there's a mushroom at the bottom or the upside of a hill, and you don't have time to react appropriately. Hitting the mushroom sometimes results in you faceplanting in the upside of the very same hill. Not fun.
--Mushrooms sometimes appear out of thin air. Usually happens when you're going really fast.
--El Diablo is incredibly unreasonable. I know you've said you'd change it, but it seems like those promised changes are long gone. At any rate, I've managed to complete the challenge three times, all while having no gem boost upgrades. It's pretty much do or die really. If you still wish to make this a challenge, 15 should be a fine number, as I've almost never had less than that many total jumps in Zone 6 while being reasonable in speed, catering to the challenge's conditions.
--While entering a Zone, sometimes there's just no opportunities to land into a perfect launch. On the flip side of the coin, you could faceplant into a hill (and not suffer) and still get a perfect launch. Inconsistent much?
--I've experienced no performance changes between medium and high quality. Doesn't mean I didn't lag though; quality didn't change when or where I lagged. Also, the sky color sucked just the same.
--Maybe you could make the armadillo's "streak broken" sound (and not just downright "ouch") more distinct and audible. I didn't realize there was one until I switched to different characters.

An incredible amount of polish to the game mechanics makes this a great experience, but it feels like you didn't pay much attention to the other things. Hopefully, you can release a better product in the future, as you have a lot of promising talent.

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fexLabs responds:

Phenomenal feedback, I really appreciate it!

A lot of the issues you mentioned are things that are "on the list" - things which are either planned for an update (fixing the medals and El Diablo, especially), or at the bare minimum, issues that we do recognize and plan to deal with in future iterations of the game.

I especially agree with you about the inability to make a perfect landing in a new zone, flat hills in zone 7, the unnatural slowdown in zones 9 and 10, and faceplanting into hills immediately after mushroom bounces. Those are all huge flaws that I want to address in the future, either with an update to this game or in the sequel.

The slowdown on zone 9 and 10 was originally intended to be sort of a "wind resistance" mechanic designed specifically to make the last two levels a bit harder (because I felt that the difficulty curve without it really started to flatten around zone 7. Unfortunately, the mechanic just didn't work well. It doesn't feel obvious to the player what's going on: it just feels like they're being gimped for no reason. A graphical adjustment or even the sound of high wind might have helped there. In addition to the lack of a visual/audible cue, though, I feel the difficult curve kind of skyrockets at zone 9 - zone 8 feels incredibly easy in comparison.

I'm very glad you've been enjoying the game, in spite of some of its rough edges. We've been buried in sitelock work for it, but I'd really like to take our sweet time with the sequel and make sure every aspect of the game gets the same level of attention. :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

is it just me or...

do we people on newgrounds love to toss, smash, break, crush and roll animals? :p

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Grat game! congrats!

also the background music cool!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Props on a great game

Nice job mentioning Wavespark in the description too. My only problem is now I can't play Tiny Wings. I miss the glide power too much.

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