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Hey ya'll here's a new toon for ya, this time it's from the REVOLUTIONARY AMAZING LA NOIRE that I really don't enjoy playing! Have a good one!



This funny face with screaming thing ain't working anymore.

good but short

funny but felt a litle short and gota agree on the game it just dont come of as a noire for me but i mostly only like Frank Milers noire work

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I don't get it...

... I've never played this game. The jokes don't make ANY sense. Plus I hate anime. But what do I know? I'm just a fucking janitor.

Well then...

Good to know I no longer have a reason to watch any new additions to the awesome series.

Before anyone says anything about my review, yes this is a review and yes I will talk about how his old works are better, because they are.

Now then, ahem, to put it lightly... this was exactly what you intended to show us, shit. The entire first half of the flash was a joke about the sketches Cole does, which admittedly is worth a chuckle, but only a chuckle. The second half of the flash is about... well basically nothing but the chief looking at the sketches. And it all goes to the twist ending of a sketch of poop, classy.

This animation truly sucked! I can accept that it was short in length, that's entirely fine, but what I can't accept is that you didn't even make an attempt in the time that you devoted to making this flash. You pointed out one obvious thing that happens and exaggerated it a little bit. That's an okay observation, but doesn't merit half the length of the entire flash animation. Either come up with something better or don't waste your time.

And what was with the second half of this? Oh, the chief thought it was cool that he sketched decently, haha. Forgetting the fact that the real chief would probably shoot Cole in the foot for sketching rather than taking actual notes, this scene provides nothing. No jokes, no setup, no development for something else to happen, it's just there as padding for you to show a sketch of poop.

Honestly, what happened to the days when you tried? Not only has the length of your animations slowly been lowering, but the quality has been deteriorating too. Sure, the artwork is nicer, animation is smoother and cleaner, and the voices are good. But those do not make up for the fact that the content is so unthoughtful and stupid that it probably took you the time it takes to tween a ball to move across the screen to come up with them.

As it stands this is just crap and doesn't deserve to be even close to the daily feature. Hell, if it was a random user that uploaded it and not you it would probably be blammed like it should be.

Egoraptor, speaking as a fan of your works, you need to really take a look at what the script for you animation is. Sit down and make it something good before you put it out. Even if it takes more time to make because video games are played and remembered for longer than the course of a few weeks, your Metal Gear Awesome series proved that. I really hope you read this and have some sort of change of heart.

There, an actual honest review (which is more than I can say for most of the kiss-ups posted). Though because noone cares I doubt it'll even be read...

You get a three, 1 for good looks, 1 for good sound, and 1 for a hope of something that doesn't suck in the future (even though it's unlikely at this point)

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This seems like you were too lazy to come up with real jokes. I can tell how little you worked on this. Put some effort into your next one this shames the whole awesome series.

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Jun 13, 2011
6:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody