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Minecraft: Sphericality

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HELLO PEOPLE WITH INTERNETS!! So this short was originally done for the Minecraft Collab, but that thing kinda just died. So I figured Id submit it as a short on its own. Done in a few hours.

Sounds used are from Minecraft and Findsounds.com, music from Mario Party 1. Please review!


remember, minecraft is large pixels, "spheres" in this case are tiny pixels, so the dude didn't understand why the diamonds were so round. however, 128x128 tex. packs violate this, but he is using 8x8 so he can't figure it out.

Great idea, very original aand funny!

there's things that is a round which breaks the rule of minecraft discs, diamonds, redstone dust, and other things

I really like the use of the Mario Party 2 music.

thing's in the game are spheres with 128x128,256x256 texture packs,with 64x64,8x8,32x32 texture packs it can be even spheric but stills pixelated and pixels are really small squares that you can hardly see in your pc and be easily seen in pixel games/square games with not too much details on the pixels,in minecraft,you can perfectly see the pixels on the game,but in a bigger version ;)

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Ha Ha Its round not minecrafyey

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3.65 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2011
3:30 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody