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A Snail Story

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Help Snalee the Snail to get to the top of the roof and meet his beloved Sneela in this point and click puzzle game!

The Goal of the game is to help Snalee the Snail to get to the top of the roof and meet his beloved Sneela. To do this you need to go through from the bottom floor to the roof and use the help of the the magic spheres to collect the needed items to help The Snail to get back to the roof.

You're free to roam the scenes up and down. use the arrow keys or the mouse to click on the arrow sign, and don't forget to always click the snail to check what you need to do next, if you;re done with some clues and put some items on the right place, you can click again on the snail to move him further to the top.

Remember to keep your eyes open on the exciting background that hiding many objects you need to progress. If you have difficulty, use the tab button to help you with the possible clues around the scenes or click WALKTHROUGH button to see game hints.

Check the snail's clues from clicking him to be able to find some items and also COMBINE some of them to help you progress further the storyline. You can always check with tab button, or use the bottom tutorial help on the very bottom of the screen.

Remember the game is using the inventory screen that can be popped up from the bottom screen by clicking the arrow on the bottom screen, and and can be expanded by dragging the arrow to the top, because you will find TONS of items to play with.

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I have to agree with other reviewers when they say this game looks nice, because it does, but nice doesn't equal fun.
I'm actually having a hard time not beating my mouse to a pulp since I can't for the life of me find out how to PUT AWAY ITEMS!
For a point and click adventure this is way too complicated, and I can't even get up the first obstical since I can put my I tem back into the inventory screen.
I may have understood wrong but I have to press a specific key to put away items? Why can't I just use the mouse? It would be much simpler and easier to remember. Especially since the inventory screen covers up the controls.
Overall this is just a potentially good game gone bad, since I can't even begin to grasp how to play it, and I've been struggling with the thing for 10 minutes.
Really pretty pictures, but since this game is making me kinda miserable I'm going to have to give it a low score.

It could be much better

First off, massive lag. I don't know whether it's because the game is large, or if it's just that you crammed everything into one massive map.
Perhaps you would consider dividing the map up into floors? If you're worried about users leaving behind items, simply have the snail be able to move freely in between floors after having being there.

The massive lag is made worse by the excruciatingly slow cut-scenes. Too slow, and too many. Please let there be fewer animated cut scenes. It would be better if the cut scenes were replaced by a few comic book-style panels.

The item pickup system was also very bad. I'm guessing you wanted to make it look pretty by having the cursor move to the inventory with the items, but that's just more redundant animation. In addition to that, the name of each item when you pick it up is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen - pretty much as far away from the inventory as possible, AND covered up by the belugerin logo.

I can see you put a lot of effort into this game, but it would be very much easier on us, as the players, if you would consider how it feels to play the game.

That being said, the story and puzzles were okay for an escape game.

Graphics are great.. but..

The controls are way too confusing. It took me a while to learn how to get everything to work, and by that time I didn't really want to play anymore. I think you should definitely have beta testers before releasing a game like this. I'm positive they would have told you how to improve before releasing it. The graphics that you spent so much time on went to waste, for me anyways.

not bad but could be better ....

i have alot of truble with the mouse curser trying to get it to move :(


I can tell that there was a substantial amount of time spent in drawing this game, but not allot of time spent in the UI and testing of it. Many people are complaining of the same things; It's too complicated in the begining to get the jist of how to play the game. It should be self explanatory. Do you really have to search this entire huge image for the items you need right in the beginning? It should be broken up into sections. One of the biggest problems with the game, is that the logo for "BeluGerin" blocks the descriptions of the items in your inventory. This should have been seen in testing. Big mistake. We need the descriptions, because for many of the items, they are not obvious what they are. This game could be so much better.

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2.67 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2011
2:28 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place June 14, 2011