Lovely Revy [00 RX]

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Full title: Battle Assister Lovely Revy ~Operation Gemini~: Episode Zero Rebalanced Cut

Fixes and Improvements List for Rebalanced Cut:
-Damage done by bosses increased
-Monolith boss HP decreased
-Rosalina's HP increased
-Revy's gun SFX fixed
-Added injured frames
-Various SFX added
-Voice acting added

Well, that's it. I'm moving on to making Episode One (and maybe something for Robot Day). All the fixes I've detailed above. Still couldn't add everything that I want, but I guess we can just settle with this for now and wait until Episode One.

So what is this game about for those that didn't play the first release? Generic anime characters for the most part, in a Megaman/Contra style sidescroller with influences from the Marvel vs Capcom series, down to the recovering health feature.

An interesting thing to note, at least to me, all the VAs here are part of the VAC and the VAA for LESS than a year AND have not voiced in any of my works in a major role, hence the Synsanoko Saviors logo, and it's something I didn't really intend to do. So I'm proud of the fact. They will be added to the co-authors list at a later date.

Until then, enjoy the game.

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not bad

I will admit this did catch my surprise. Even though there were a few glitches (like the jump) it wasn't to bad. The boss fight was also pretty cool. Reminded me of Sonic and knuckles. To be honest I think you should keep going at this.

What you should think of doing is speed up the animation a bit more. The walk cycle is almost as if she's in slow motion.

Keep up the great work

Nice Game


This game has some potential.

I noticed when you land from a jump, the player's feet go below the landing point. Also, when using Revy's jump attack, it doesn't auto fire while in mid-air as it does when you're standing. Not sure if that is by design or not, but the two (standing and jumping) should probably be consistent. Walking while shooting should probably use the walking animation and shooting combined. Instead, it looks like it's the standing animation, skipping forward.

Explosion graphics could be a little better.

I did encounter a glitch. I was playing as Rosalina, and was battling Evil Rosalina. Sometimes, I get stuck, and can't move or switch characters. Also, when all my health is gone, the game won't end. The glitch seems to happen sometimes when I get hit.

As I said, nice game. Keep working on it.

* salutes *

- Ziro out.

omegafinal responds:

The mid-air attack didn't work the way I intend, since for some reason, you're literally stuck in that frame of animation. I would have loved Revy auto-firing her gun. Also notice that Rosalina dealt continuous damage in her mid-air attack, so that's something I want to fix. The standing only when attack is by design in my part, because I was basing it more on Castlevania actually (but I HATE the extreme knockbacks, so I intentionally left those out). Maybe certain characters will and won't have the ability to walk and hit in the future.

The jumping "bounce" as I'd call most likely has to do with Rystic's code, it's real easy to use and functional, but it does have its limits, so I'm looking to replace it. I originally did try and script my own before finding Rystic's, but there were various problems that made me gave it up (imagine if there was just one thing I could've change and it worked. That would've ticked me off.)

That sounds like a very specific glitch, because I couldn't recreate it (or I just suck at testing my own game), the glitch I usually get is somehow the bosses does double damage. It sounds like the "death" variable has been triggered in your case for the other one, so the game thinks that you're already dead. You can PM me the specifics or post it in my news post. Thankfully, I'm thinking about overhauling the game with some new code, so hopefully it'll be better the next time.

Oh yeah, thanks for the review.

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4.39 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2011
7:49 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun