Luna's treasure hunt

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This is a sequel to my game Luna goes home and this time the game is longer,
Has better controls, More music, more types of levels to play on.

In this game compared to the last one.

In the run and jump levels you can shoot in any direction as you press the button.
In the water level you turn into a mermaid and can move around freely and shoot in any direction.
In the flying level you can do the same as in the water level.
Your side kick Siluna can pick up NeoCrystals when she touches them.

There are songs for each type of level.
An over world music
A music for caves
A music for castle dungeons
A music for underwater
A music for the last stage

I build the levels in the style of super mario bros,
For example level 1-1 ~ 1-4 but had to go into a super mario land style to add 4 levels with 4 acts in each world giving 16 levels of play



Improving nicely...

The game was long, but with a larger cast of enemies, and the levels didn't feel too similar. controls are a little difficult to master, but can get through the levels just fine. I can't really say what else you can improve on except walking animation for some moving ground enemies. Other than that great job, and keep improving even if it's just a little, the little things can mean a whole lot in a game.

neat game

well pretty good, but the control is hard. For your information, the shift is the worst possible button for anything because it easy to bug( stuck until u hit it again)
i like the graphic and music the it a little to easy. Should it had some kind like times of try, timer, medal for not killing ect it will be funnier

adult?... where?

not so bad but not that good either. music is fun and graphics are... weird but refreshing. too much bright color tho. it feels like it has been done on paint or something =P

button configuration is so-so. ctrl+direction to shoot is somewhat hard to perfectly shoot everytime AND not die from fall or something.
jumping with shift... ok.
Jumping into a wall cancel you jump.. but you can jump again for some reason (glitch?) tho it doesnt help since as soon as you're next to a wall you can't jump forward, only upward.

there's one thing that's bugging me.. why is this game rated A (for adult)?

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PrincessNinjato responds:

I clicked the wrong buttons as I was setting the info,
I uploaded this game very very late and was sleepy,
I fixed it

ummmm yea

well the music is upbeat and the movement is fairly smooth but for people just starting this game it would help to say more than "you can shoot in any direction as you press the button" i mean what button exactly cus i pressed every one on my keyboard and got nada. also is there no way to jump? are there no different songs?I liked the effort but just wasn't feeling the game since i couldnt actually play anything of it

PrincessNinjato responds:

I wanted to save space so I had to recycle the music,
and I saw a reply on the last game that one person had backwards controls but that as just one person

Im not sure why this keeps happening

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2.09 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2011
5:57 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other