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The Complex (3D-FPS)

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Long description:
"The Complex"; a 3d first person shooter inspired heavily by the FPS games of the early to mid 90's. Try to stay alive for as long as possible while shooting through waves of monsters to try and get your name onto the high score boards. The Complex is a very fast paced, violent and challenging shooter with a very arcade feel.

(quick add: use "," & "." to adjust mouse speed... I tested the game using my notepad mousepad and waccom tablet, so turning might be a bit fast >_> )

Left/right arrow keys = turn
"A" & "D" keys = strafe
"W" or "up arrow" = forward walk
"S" or "down arrow" = backward walk
Left and right arrows can be used to turn.

"SHIFT" = Jump
"E" = Open doors

"SPACE" = Shoot
"1", "2", "3" & "4" = switch guns

"L" = Change graphics detail
Hold down left mouse to look around/turn
Click right mouse button to view ingame options and controls while playing.

Using the GFPS engine I coded from scatch in AS3... an early tech demo can be seen as one of my earlier flash posts...
Originally the game was going to mainly be a story mode game, but with University I really didn't have much time to code... so I've released it as a 4 level survival mode game.

4 weapons, 4 monsters, 4 levels.
I hope you like... let's see those high scores :D

May be updated if mochi loader has problems... I had problems with it this time :-/


Lo que creo que le falta al juego es acomodar un poco la jugabilidad.
Hay otras verciones?

sometimes giving a game bad graphics just makes it better

Awkward controls

Lets start with the basics. Movement: WASD? Thats standard. Clicking and dragging to turn? No. Just no. Probably would have been better to have "A" and "S" turn you and left the mouse out completely. I know you put left and right arrow keys there for that purpose, but still. Its awkward to click and drag to look around.
Shift to jump? Space to shoot? I think that it would have been better to switch those two around. If anything, control should have been used to fire, with some alternative for that. If anything put in customizable controls. The game otherwise is decent. I really like how you made it an old 90's FPS kind of game. It reminded me of the times I would stay up late playing Doom.

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Kalisme responds:

Thanks for reviewing, the controls are sort of scattered I guess, but I chose the keys I did because of notebook layouts... I might see if I can add a custom option if I get more complaints about it or use it in my next game.

The mouse click and drag thing is there to avoid the problems that some other 3d flash games I've seen... but if the mouse is annoying to use it's also possible to use the arrow keys to replace the turning with the mouse. I should probably add that to the description...

OK game

It feels like I'm playing the original 007 lol. I wish the turning was a little better though. But id never be able to make a game so I cant talk. It was alright. But the graphics should be a little better, seeing the same walls over and over again hurt my eyes, plus the enemies looked like grey blobs

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Kalisme responds:

thanks for reviewing :D
The turning speed can be customized to be slower if it's too fast... or you can use the arrow keys to replace turning with the mouse....
With the graphics; yeah... they grey guys do look sorta blobby... I sort of prefer the low res mode... it's blocky, but faster and looks more retro... press "L" to switch detail modes.
And sorry about the small variety of tiles... I could of probably added alot more and still had the game under 2mb

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Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2011
12:32 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person