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Sonic Ignition Ep3 Act3

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Credits & Info

Jun 11, 2011 | 12:13 AM EDT

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Author Comments

It's finally here! Episode 3!! Sorry I'm 2 days behind schedule, but with the health issues I had in the last month, technical difficulties (tricky audio synching is tricky and I the preloader gave me Hell!!), and my usual production routine (I had to make a butt-load of new sets and sprite edits...thank me later...) I missed my Wednesday deadline. To get a really solid idea of what's going on in the plot, I suggest watching episodes 1 and 2, but for those of you who just want to jump in...

The Story So Far:

Sonic's Uncle Chuck has died, leaving him with a ginormous fortune, a multi-billion dollar tech company, and a mansion full of mysteries! Shortly after the funeral, a (mega dorky) light-bending stranger by the name of Ashura appeared and has since been accepted into Sonic's...unusual...circl e of friends. Sonic couldn't open all of the doors in the mansion without the master key, however, which was not included with the rest of the house keys. Instead, it had to be earned by passing a test of spiritual and magical strength, which our cool, blue hero just barely passed by the skin of his teeth!

Episode 3: Legends of the Hidden Palace

Sonic has finally recovered from the test, only to learn that Knuckles has made an amazing discovery in the Hidden Palace... and the ladies are moving into the guest house?!

(These credits roll at the end of Act 4, but in the name of good taste I've placed them here for acts 1-3...and, yes, Danielle Freeman is me.)

Written, Produced, and Directed By
Miss Danielle Freeman

Character Sprite Artists/Rippers

Sonic.....Clyent Nite
Young Sonic.....Shadow+Maria-Lo ver
Tails.....Clyent Nite
Knuckles.....Veckles the Echdina
Shadow.....Clyent Nite
Silver.....Clyent Nite and Phoenix
Ashura.....Clyent Nite
Amy Rose.....Gabriel AKA Frag
Rouge.....Gabriel AKA Frag
Blaze.....andyvader et. al.
Shade.....Danielle Freeman
Wechina.....Akuma et. al.
Master Key (key form).....Danielle Freeman
Master Key (M.C.).....The Shyguy Kingdom and Danielle Freeman

Sheets Expanded with Sprites Furnished/Ripped by

The Shyguy Kingdom

Daniel Sidney


Background Sprite Rippers

Heavy Megatal
HMS AKA Metallix
Gamenerd Advance

Custom Backgrounds and Props

Danielle Freeman

Special FX ripped by

Gabriel AKA Frag

Sound FX

Set Design

Danielle Freeman


"Lunar Silver Star Story Complete"
"Lunar2: Eternal Blue Complete"

Game Arts and Working Designs

"Snowball in Hell"

They Might Be Giants

Special Thanks To

Shadette, for the character design
that inspired the series.

All of the people out there who create,
rip, and post sprites on the web.

MMXI CatDragon Studios



Rated 5 / 5 stars


no its not like that


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I am in suspense, this is AWESOME!