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Manage a savage horde of rabid alien to invade the earth in Alienocalypse, an action/strategic games Through multiple levels players must use various combinations of units and upgrade to achieve victory.


Too much grinding

Ubebudda has the best strategy. Just use those Bomb traps to clear a path, and take out AA vehicles. Then spawn 4 of each of the flying units to take out everything else.

Aside from that game-breaking strategy, a lot of grinding is required to level up. And it just seems like you have to keep grinding because if you try to mix it up, your units get destroyed in 2 seconds.

Also; the player doesn't do a lot after spawning the units. You're just destroying buildings. It would've been nice if we could do more. Like in Tom Fulp's UFA, and abduct people, levitate a tank, mutate humans into aliens, etc.

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All shall serve the swarm ;) but its a crappy game... way to laggy for no reason

Nice game

Good game, but it made my computer constantly hang... Could you make a game where I play as human?

Good game, could be better with some tweaks...

This was a very fun and enjoyable game, however just a few tweaks would have made this a number one on the front page.

First, I had found that other than dropping off alien troops, the player wasnt very involved in the success during gameplay. It had become more like watching a show than playing a game. The addition of the shockwave seemed little more than a tack on, as I found the game consistently spammed them after the enemy troops were killed.

I admire the diversity of the number of alien troops you could have at your disposal, along with the upgrades, but many of the troops simply were not necessary. many other units could attack buildings as well as enemy troops, essentially devaluing the demolition alien. This is merely one example of many.

( Game Ruiner Strategy Ahead, do not read unless you have already beat the game)

During the mid to latter levels, I found a strategy that required merely the use of three separate troops that were extremely successful all the way to the last level and including it. It seemed that ( when fully upgraded), the 50 point trap, and both flying units were all the player needed to win. Placing down the traps on AA units to kill multiple of them, then spamming 5-6 AA flying troops, then releasing the multitarget aerial troop would decimate any level. The game had lost its troop diversity at that point, as no other alien was necessary.

On the good side, I loved the artwork and moving backgrounds. The little graphical improvemnets in a game does a lot to pull in the player, and you guys did a great job coding the game.

Can't wait to see the next installment, with a few tweaks, it would be perfect!

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Fuckin sucks

super glitchy cant even play or hit the quit button

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3.98 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2011
1:55 PM EDT
Strategy - Other