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Overwatch is like a cross beetween COD4, X-COM and Starcraft,
it's not really an RTS because it is more tactical than strategic.

Make sure you try the multiplayer, this is mainly a multiplayer game.

-Some people are having trouble placing C4. It takes a couple seconds to be planted, if you move the engineer while planting C4 it will cancel.
-Use SHIFT, the game is impossible if you dont.
-Engineer placed turrets need a soldier to work. Place a soldier right next to a turret and it will start shooting.

version 0.123: 4 player map is back. Fixed some bugs in the global chat (hopefully)


its O.K.

game play is a bit hard and uncomfertable
there are some bugs like: the game said "defeat" even tho i was winning and then out of nowere it then says "victory" and i move on to the next level, and it got really SLOOOOOW,
level 3: i could not plant the C4 anywhere.
and you shoud make the soldiers a bit easier to handle, give them formations to do like: in a strait line, a defensive, a attack and maybe even a retreat formation (and have a button for each formation )

other than that its good
Thanks for the game
PS: i played a level on "easy" and then "hard" and it was exactly the same in difficulty

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Resonable game, but needs work. Level 3 the planting of c4 charges was for some reason not possible...glitch?

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Very nice

And very entertaining next time get some good voice actors,That why it would be more interesting to play.

The best

Amazing.Simply marvelous.It only needs a few more things, maybe some vehicles, larger places, and maybe a sniper or bazooka unit.But overall, I have never seen better.


this game is smooth no problems or glitches that I have experienced, needs more players come come ppl

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3.77 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2011
10:08 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)
  • Daily 4th Place June 11, 2011