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The lost and found bagel

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well I lost. What can I say?

I didn't have much time, conveniently I was caught in finals. I even pulled a few all nighters to get what I have done. So I guess this is a victory because I worked really hard. Well whatever, this cartoon turned out pretty shitty anyway. Now that school's one week away from being over, I can spend more than a night on my flashes (FINALLY!)

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Not very realistic but good

it isnt very realistic but good vid

turtleco responds:

I can't argue with that ;)

Dont be so down on yourself.

Sure it was short but I loved what was there. It was funny enough to deserver a place in the finals I guess but you'll have the time you need to add more depth to your animations now so im looking forward to newer work.

turtleco responds:

don't worry man, I wasn't really down on myself, just didn't like the finished product. It was done in a short amount of time anyway and during finals. ANNYYWAAYYY, excuses aside, thanks for the REEEEEVIEW

im sorry but this video is kinda meh

whether or not you gave a shit. but still, i laughed when the only line in this entire film was, "you know, you're gunna be in my stomach very soon."

turtleco responds:

to be honest, this was a rushed piece of shit.

my style depends on a lot of time, and this was mostly made in the last day. This is what happens when TOFA round 1 takes place RIGHT DURING MY FINALS!!!!

I'm glad you liked the ONE LINE.

next time luckily, I will be graduating high school, giving me plenty more time.


its ok

turtleco responds:

I agree

Mean ol' rat.

i would have done the same thing mr bagel

turtleco responds:

fuck bagels