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Epic Game

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I wanted to build this game because, well to be honest I was bored! If you beat this game please tell me! Because its extremely difficult and 5 new levels coming in the next update!

Added one new level with the ability to place a wall that destroyed all launched objects! and 4 more levels soon!

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was this game made in year 1699

Not bad...

I liked this game a lot. It's well put together. Difficult, but good.
Maybe decrease the speed of moving diamonds, or more time in between diamond spawns on level (5?), or make lives more reachable. I would like to see a whole lot more.

Alright KC here's my review

First off, yes... its difficult xD that's good do you have a check point?
2. nice song
3. i got stuck onto a wall, try and fix that (specifically on level 2, (use r to restart level with no penalties if it happens?))
4. ummm, yeah i would like to see some improvement in your spelling
ok the next bit will be a bit hard to explain so 5. put level numbers so we know the level
5. on the level where it grants new lives, it seems to put you in god-mode, so you cant die
6. on the level with the void shaped like this
0 being void - being black


(moderators please do not delete this post because of the ascii art, there is no other way)

on this level the circle does not open a path (or is it supposed to be a teleporter?) ... and then i got stuck in a wall corner ):

i assume that was level 9 or 10

7. CHECK POINTS CHECK POINT CHECK POINTS xD lol vveeeerrry hard, i think my skill level has rose to 9000 after this, AND i would have never got through without the accidental god-mod hahaha

i think it was a good game, one of the best avoiding games (correction The*) i have played, with some better characters and an improved text system (and checkpoints lol) this game would be a blast (still retaining its incredible infuriatinglyfull goodness of course)

i will give you an 8/10\4/5 because it was enjoyable and an update would make it epic.

next week i will meet up and help you with some development, its not far off from a veery good game and it deserves better than a 2.31

oh and yes i agree with jackofpojo "there are no winners!" hahah i wonder if the mythical end game message exists xD

You misspelled always


kclimer13 responds:

Well thanks for the feedback! lol


Its a simple game, but good all in all. I like the block picks up speed and some diamonds apear out of nowhere.

kclimer13 responds:

Thanks for the review but don't you think a 5 is a little harsh lol!

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2011
11:56 PM EDT