(Unfinished) Sprite Fight

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This was just a "for fun" project, no plot or anything, and I felt like practicing, I started and finished this a few months ago, and decided to upload it, even unfinished it's worth uploading methinks. It kind of got stale after I crapped up the end part with the weird powers I attempted to give to the characters. I also think I used too much blur on Biospark's knives, so expect slo-down at the very end of the film.


This just needs to be finished.

This was short merely due to the fact that it was unfinished I hope. This was good in the fact that you could get every thing to move smoothly at the fast pace it was at. However, the same attack animations were used too often (again, i think this is only because it is short.) Also, I thought the camera zooming in that much was unnecessary (again, this could just be due to the shortness of the animation", if it gets longer i'm sure I won't be bothered by the zooming.) To summarize, the not good things about it were the same attack sequences were used too often and it was unfinished. So, finish this! it was good, if you finish it will be great! Nice Job!

about the pov...

makes me hurl. and try to finish things before you upload them. makes them seem half-assed. da vinci didnt unveil the mona lisa before it was finish - do as he does.


man that was cool as hell! the animation was great but more so the camera movement was over the top awesome, that's what really did it for me. Kirby is awesome too! Can''t wait to see the finished product

HoboNoah responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it, however, don't think the camera angles are actually what sustain this, they were the EASIEST part, I used a symbol called VCam, while some people have trouble choosing the right angles, I find it very easy to execute (no offense to the professionals of camera angles)

What the cliffhanger?

+Love the chaotic pacing
+love the simulated camera zooming

-Lack of a conclusion(finish it. FIIIIINISH IT.)
-Looked like you were already starting to run out of different attack animations

le approve

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HoboNoah responds:

I'll admit, I'm using character sprites ripped directly from Kirby Super Star Ultra, and I'm using the sprite sheets, so most of the work goes into manually cropping all of the images in the sprite sheet into individual images, which I then organize into very carefully made libraries of kirby sprites, (Takes a Very long time, and is very boring).
My drawing ability is also very underdeveloped, ecspecially when it comes to sprites, so I haven't made any custom movements. I hope that makes sense of why I was running out of attack animations.


I really hope you finish this, maybe put a plot in there, because that was buttloads better than most unfinished submissions. And lol, they died cuz you got bored.

HoboNoah responds:

I won't be giving this a plot. However, I've had this insane fan-story going through my head, I've thought over a lot of the details and characters, and it seems to me like a possibility, though it'll take a lot of custom sprites and a lot more work.

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2.33 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2011
4:40 PM EDT