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Lastman3 (World1)

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Following the revered and feared Lastman and the beloved Lastman2 comes LASTMAN3!
Sporting cool new features like; Saving Playthroughs, Stacking Enemies, Power Suits, Etc!
If you're having lagging troubles (which is very likely, sorry) you can follow instructions on the Lastman3 page of my website which will allow you to play Lastman3 outside of the browser, alleviating much of the lag.
World2 will be released on my website on June 21st, the same day the Kickstarter fund for World3 finishes, please support that... http://kck.st/jjwpTh

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how did i jump

this game suckes it could be a great mario clone but the music alone makes me wanna die i have no idea to and it has no stroy it doest have to even be good just this guy love jumping help him find the jump princess of fucktard island thars a game right there good idea poorly poorly exacuted next time you make a game key elemets music story antaganest protaganest a basic goal it has potenchial re reals it but work on it alot more

it sucks

this game sucks ass, its even worse than e.t for the atari 2600.
the controlls are so bad, i cannot mak a normal jump.
i have to force evry jump or i die.
a game shouldt be like that.
if you want to make a hard game, make hard challenges and dont make sucky controlls

good game

I still say it's a rip off of mario, but I really like it.

it was good

it was good game but they should of made more levels

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2.94 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2011
9:53 AM EDT