Giant Fish Stain 4

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wow this took like forever

Join Donald Olfin and his ghost boy companion Steven as they experience life's many wacky ups and downs. In this episode Donald meets the inventor the of the internet, Malachi Internetsson. But is everything as it seems!?!?!?!?!?!!!!??? Special kudos to the Fulpgrounds for featuring this crap. All music, voices, art, and animation by me, except for ricepirate who voices Malachi.



And another funny episode on this one, the characters are funny the humor is good, and the "VOICES" are really good and make this what it is, so nice effort there.

I wouldnt mind some subtitles but not needed.


The dolphin with a tie is back. Your work gets better in every episode.

Had a blast :)

While it's obvious not everyone enjoys this type of thing, I've found the humor to be very funny. Like a candybar, it's short, it's sweet, and probably not very good for me, it'll make me fat, and I'll lose my teeth ... but I still enjoy it.

While the reception will be mixed for this type of project, I hope you continue to make them. Because even if the animation is "bad" (which I could never emulate), the script, music, and dialogue make this series awesome, imo.

If there's any place for a series like this to gain a fanbase, I'd like to believe it's NG ... though as others have pointed out, the 5am Adult Swim crowd would likely eat this up.

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Deliberate Suck

Welcome to the Suck, ladies and gentlemen. This caliber of animation always gets broadcasted on Adult Swim every night. Isn't it wonderful? And the production time is deplorable too so we can suspect that this will become some kind of undeserved mainstay among the Newgrounds audience, which will take eons of effort and mastering to get "just right" before the next episode debuts with a completely different tale without ever finishing what is meant to be a two-part series. This is why I hesitate to submit anything into the portal, because if this garbage gets front billing, who knows how much effort I have to put in so I can not only reestablish the standard of quality, but also thumb my nose at these talented hacks who ride solely upon the weight of their pens but not their brushes. Yeah, the writing is tongue-in-cheek, but if that's all I do while watching it, it doesn't mean a whole lot.

"Giant Fish Stain 4", the opus of a hard-working Armon Pakdel with voice characterizations by Mick Lauer, features the titular character, Donald Olfin, talking like a sarcastic surfer alongside trusty sidekick Steven (a 'ghost boy'?) and walking into another WEB216-colored hilly field where Internetfest is being held. He thinks the creator of the Internet is going to appear, but some kind of nonsensical revenge plot is underway. It doesn't get resolved until the next episode, due out in like eight months. Oh, and there's a "Cat Cube" commercial that doesn't specify how to actually order a "Cat Cube". The "Cat Cube" skit is based on one of Armon's prior animations, perhaps a form of filler.

Yeah, um... what to say that won't look like total filler in a review that will be overwhelmingly evil and derogatory toward these guys for just dishing it in... okay, here's one: don't bother clicking the link, period. It is bothersome to look at, for one, and another, the emphasis here is the writing. People emulate the Adult Swim style because most of those cartoons are chiefly digital animation combined with the nonsensical ravings of pop culture buffs, with an emphasis on surrealism. Maybe it's being paid tribute here... or being mercilessly harangued. Also, any Flash where the voice acting is the only real standout trait (and to wit, they are decent even after the miserable script that was written) is a Flash best avoided, because everyone will cite the animation, character design, and even the backgrounds as completely lazy, or if they have (they did) they will continue to do so. I haven't seen it this bad since Arfenhouse, but at least those cartoons were infectious, with a laugh at least every fifteen seconds. Here, the well of laughter is dry like fish bones.

This got Front Page because it refers to the Internet, and anything about the Internet is not just serious business... it's utterly hilarious, right? It also contains wonderful voice-overs by the overworked and under-appreciated Mr. Lauer, so his involvement must mean this bird will soar, right? No, I'm sorry. This pelican resembles a urinal: your argument is invalid.

HLG responds:

Sorry you didn't like it, hope you make your closing metaphor less gay next time. Maybe then I'll take your verbose rambling seriously then.


The story itself and the voice acting was great but the animation and drawing was very lazy.

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3.51 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2011
5:52 AM EDT