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Smiley Shooter (SAZA)

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Author Comments

So seeing how I was lazy to add in a Proper Help Button. Here are some tips and shit.


Ctrl-- Fire lazors!! (lasers)

Blue Smileys- One hit and they die straight away, try to keep firing at it to increase your score

Green Smileys- These things fire back :o Hit them a few times and make short work of them

TrollFace- Watch out for these evil fuckers, they travel in groups, Either Dodge or destroy the Trolls
NOTE: They divide into more once hit so avoiding them would be clever (Although they do give some nice points)

AWESOME FACE- He's a boss fight for Level 1 He's easy enough if you learn how to defeat him

BanglaTanks- These tanks fire 3 ways at once, they're a pain to kill but are great to increase the score!

Death Stars- These guys can aim! good thing they're easy to destroy

SAZA-SNAKE- The Last boss of this Mini Game, shoot him into small pieces in order to destroy him, WARNING! The more they divide, the less room to avoid them! :o

UPGRADES- One small thing about upgrades, DO NOT SHOOT them as they will be destroyed, simply move SAZA into it and you shall receive it

1+ Life- Collect this and receive 1+ life, NOTE: Max.6 lives

Triple Laser- Receive 3x the fire power with this sexy upgrade!
NOTE: The upgrade is lost once you lose a life

Have fun and make sure to vote fairly and leave a constructive review


solid game

it is like galaga but with a god. thank you for this masterpiece, this better win game of the year.

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BanglaBoy96 responds:

Thanks for the compliments! however I highly doubt something that took 3 effortless days to master will get "Game of the year"


I make a score with 9000 points but i close the window Tee hee

PS:Great! Kirby! +5 stars

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BanglaBoy96 responds:

Thank RetromanOMG for Kirby!

Thank me for everything else :LL Thanks


Lets go through the Game in this review. Starting with the Title Itself. "Smiley Shooter" abit unoriginal for a name and there is so much space shooters on Newgrounds already, as there is with every other type of Genre.

Controls- Glad you used the Arrow keys instead of the WASD keys, although I think people might have a problem with that so you should make it more user friendly, allow the player to chos the controls.
Fire Button--> I have alot to say about this, It's possibly the worst button that you could pick for a fire button. Space with have been Ideal seeing how you didn't need it for anything else.

Enemies--> not well designed with the exception of the Troll Face, Awesome Face, The Saza boss snake thing and the Blue enemy.

Upgrades--> Very basic upgrades, I expected more to fly at me. I thought some more weapon upgrades would have been a very nice touch.

Design of Shooter--> Seeing how the worst drawn thing was the Space shooter ITSELF was a let down, how long did it take you to draw the Garbage? 1,2 5 seconds?

ADDICTING--> Heck yes! And I'll tell you why, most space shooters have a very small choice on enemies, While this one we had Trollfaces spilting into more! It made me laugh when I entered a storm of them Hence losing a life and the only weapon upgrade.

Tips--> Try to make more levels, try to get an artist for your games, Research the most user friendly controls. And why not add in some Medals and a scoreboard feature?

Overall, a very well made Mini Flash game

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BanglaBoy96 responds:

This is a well written review, thank you

It's pretty cool

I think it's fun, but maybe if you changed the shooting button from "Ctrl" to "space", it would help a lot, because if I press Ctrl multiple times, my computer starts acting weirdly... It may just be my own computer doing that, so you don't have to change it, but I always thought that the space bar was like, the default 'Firing' key... But I like it, and I would play it more, except I don't want my computer to suddenly like, crash... You know? Haha probably not... but anyways, great job!~ : ]

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BanglaBoy96 responds:

Thanks, If I make a 2nd one I'll use space :)

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3.61 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2011
1:24 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid