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It took me forever to do this but here it is. I need feedback and help to make myself better in the future. there is no sound no background sort of......... anyway enjoy i hope.

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Nice seeing something in pure FPS for once. I can't help but wonder how this would have looked with color and sound, though, and more detail in the drawings. The movements are all fluent, but at the same time they're all very roughly sketched, and the FPS doesn't seem really fast enough. With a lot more work (because obviously this style of animation takes shitloads of time :) ths could turn into one amazing animation. A fight with a finale instead of just a loop, too. Keep it going!


Very good....

In that "cheesecakey" way that's....smile-worthy ^_^. But, while the visuals are really cool, in that minimalist, sort of way. You can't overlook the lack of audio(which WAS stated in the comments, granted. But you STILL can't dismiss it) that gives this that "incomplete" feel to it that takes things down a notch. If this IS just a testing of ability, then I'd really look forward to a full on feature in the future.

The fight itself looks like it would be well coordinated, hopefully along the veins of Pokemon Hunter by NCH (GREAT example of ACTION synergizing with audio/music), Ragnarok: Vesper Battle by ShadowWhoWalks (for "combat flow"), Neji Vs. Rock Lee by SteelSly or Hyuuga Neji VS. Rock Lee by DuDuL (innovative "ending" concept that keeps in mind both opposition), Meow Meow... 1? by NCH (slightly comedic element), GUN & SWORD by xarugas03 (fighting from a mental, strategic-tactical point of view), SonicVShadow Epic Battle by MajinThrenok(fighting from a physical brute strength power on power, force of will escalating raising the stakes p.o.v), and Super Mario bros Z ep.8 by Alvin-Earthworm(scene 3 is an especially good example of elements from each of the aforementioned)

In these regards, this flash has the potential to be among this (by no means complete) list. You get a sense of the charas.. The girl in the "skirt" and wild, primal/overtly sexy looks seems like she's that hard core, determined, fight with spirit type. The girl in the "high-tech" jumpsuit (which alludes to technology, science, efficiency, etc.), by contrast, looks like the type to use her brains to go for her opponents weakness(es), use leverage, skill, even carefully worded taunts to unhinge opponents psychologically, etc. I get these impressions from both their looks and how they fight.... kinda a Eichigo/Byakuya from Bleach thing.).

Very good flash that, while not 100%, definitely, DEFINITELY wet's my appetite for more.

A good flash (that I hope is the preview of a GREAT flash)!


good it looks awesome :D

but i think you should use a preloader, you can easely get a newgrounds preloader you may use that one only need to put in it.

Looks more like a storyboard atm

So the big fat obvious thing to say is that now you should begin adding more transitional frames in between but you probably know that

It's pretty obvious from the DBZ-inspired angles and cutaways that you have a good idea of what you're doing you just gotta put in the time

+Good angles

-The lack of smooth transition makes it difficult to tell what's happening at times
-The drawing is a little lacking in unique flair
-The opening wind effect/panty shot is a bit awkward both in how long it lasts and how it stutters

Pretty cool

It's quite... intense.... XD Haha, so I think that you should add color to it, and some sound would be nice too. Maybe also go back into the frames, and then add a frame in between each of these to make it run smoother... and double the fps so that it is still the same length, there are just more fps so it isn't as jerky... Do you get what I am saying? Just a suggestion that I thought you could try : ]

KLT1M responds:

this applies to all who commented above this response..... Thanks for the help but im still new to this animation stuff and i wish i had more ideas but i dont. Im not the type of person who can think of stuff to animate that often, i would just like to animate.

But I will try again, I hope soon.

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Jun 8, 2011
1:22 PM EDT