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Test your reflex accuracy and put your gaming skills to the ultimate test with this new game from McVities!
Keep an eye on the Medley Bar ingredients as they fall and catch them with your Medley Bar to really mix it up! But be careful not to miss an ingredient, or you'll miss a beat... Progress through the levels that get faster and faster! You can even share your score with friends on Facebook or Twitter. Give it a go now at http://www.mcvitiesmedley mashup.co.uk/

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Allow myself to be critical here.

In itself it's not a bad game... It's just very classic of a game - move around the paddle- sorry, the Medley bar, to catch whatever's falling. A formula that should work, a priori, since it's been used many times and is easy to pick up and play.

However, it's not without other big flaws. The music is annoying. VERY annoying. Where is the mute button? And... It's just a small commercial game to promote Medley bars.
It's very bland... just like the product itself, IMO. That's too bad, and I don't think it would deserve staying on NG for too long - it has a better chance in the bottom-page of other high visit websites, alongside the ads nobody looks at.

Pardon my cynicism on this review, s'just my $0.02 on that.

Beat by the beat...

... the only remotely entertaining about this game was the beatboxing, and even that almost gave me a seizure about 2 minutes into the game. In fact, while I write this comment, I'm painfully curious why you choose to ignore implementing a "mute" function.