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40 Cool Optical Illusions

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this is a list and compilation of optical illusions that I find cool and interesting. The graphics are simple so don't complain about sucky graphics or something. I'm not passing any of the illusions as my own. I would like to give thanks to those who made the optical illusions. I don't know the artist for those but thanks a lot.



Well gotta say its good besides the graphics lol.(not complaining)
Also most of these illusions aren't memorable to me.
And also <3ed it.Hoping for an update of this with better graphics i suppose?

Well...nice :)

Some of these illusions are stolen,so i can't rate 10.

synapses responds:

You don't even know what you're saying. You talk/type like you own the illusions. If you do then sorry. I got it from the internet so please. This is a compilation of illusions that I saw from the internet.

Pretty awesome i like the illusions

i saw clearly 38 of the 40 illusions. 2 of them i didn't see 38.) double image and 5.) moving feet


You stole some of these illusons from another guy who made 50 optical illusions in the gadgets sections of newgrounds you theif!!!!!!!!

synapses responds:

He didn't make the illusions. Maybe he made some but he got most of them from the internet as well. Tsk


Just so you know, the black boxes people are referring to are in the 2nd illusion, Horizontal Lines - the caption says to click the picture to remove the black boxes and thus allow you to see that the lines are horizontal. Good compilation of illusions.

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synapses responds:

thanks for the explanation on the black boxes. Sadly, I accidentally changed it and deleted a lot of stuff and I can't change the black boxes mistake. thanks anyway

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Jun 8, 2011
6:33 AM EDT
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