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Jacqueline and the Spawn

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Jacqueline and the Spawn, an original series

One day Jacqueline's pet rock dies so she consults the internet in order to find a chant to summon the demon lord who can revive her dead pet rock. Upon summoning the demon lord he grants her the revival of the rock but casts a curse on her, "If you do not demolish the seven deadly sins upon seven different people by your 18th birthday, you shall be enslaved by me for the rest of eternity". In order to assist and keep watch of her, the demon lord attaches one of his demon spawns to her arm that she calls Kyle.


So cool!

I am so glad you managed to get featured on the front page for all the great flashes you have made. I felt you have gotten better in not just animaton but also plot. I was a bit annoyed at how there were so many gags in your other series. I guess I am just reminded of the "South Park" episode that mocked "Family Guy". The best part about this was how exaggerated all the body movements were. There were just people running and flipping out all over the place.

The funniest part was at the beginning when she was mourning over her pet rock. The art seemed to shift whenever the demon came into play. I love all the cute high pitched voices used. There were just so many funny things going on, but they worked to be more relevant to a story. I hope this series gets more popular episodes.

i don't know why....

but that was awesome....especially the pinata part!LOL


i hope this will be a seires i will be waching you.

To much of a good thing...

It was very random, to random to make sense sometimes. Be a little bit more consistent to an actual story rather than just throwing random jokes in here and there and it will be much better.

Animation was great and so was the voice acting. Very smooth and no real roughness to speak of.

The series has potential, just make the jokes seem more smooth and more direct to the story rather than making the story change for the jokes.

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High hopes for the future

While Neophyte-Ronin is far to busy crushing on you, I shall leave an actual review.

To be honest, it feels like someone took generic anime themes, mashed them in a blender with Invader Zim, and threw in a pinch of Le Ego Rapatwa.

The punchlines seem forced and depend almost entirely on the zoomed in facial reactions to get chuckles, this is fine of course, in moderation.

Despite all this, here is a shiny 7, because while it lacks in humor, it makes up for in the sheer fact that you can take this storyline so far. IMO demons in anime feel overdone to me, but I won't knock points for that.

To defend my lover Oney from Ronin, he needs not the intricate storyline because the humor is at a high enough degree that a story would get in the way, but in flashes like this, where the humor falls short, an in-depth story is heavily needed.

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4.04 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2011
6:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Original