Terrorism: The Effects

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Well, after stressing out about this freaken thing, ITS HERE! This is the huge assed project that i was working on. I must admit, some of the parts werent as good as i could have made them, but i'm still pretty pleased with the turnout of the project. :D It COULD have been better, but when youre the only one in the class that knows flash, it seems triumphant :P


This update is extremely late, but I recently found this flash after however many years of uploading it, and I realise that there is no point where I make a bibliography for the information used. There WON'T be one, since I've lost the information.

This update is here specifically to state that no opinions or ideas spoken in this flash belong to the author. I voiced it, animated it, and researched it, but I am not the owner of the information.



Well... I learned a few new things today. Thanks for the facts and statistics, expecially on 9/11: it was very interesting. :3

History of Terrorism

Terrorism has been around for 1000's of years.

Romans would launch dead cows over the castles walls to spread disease before the seige.

Since 9/11, a false flag attack on America, politicians have used the fear of magic jet fuel and cavemen with box cutters to scare you into submission.

This video is factaully inaccurate. I vote 0 on the basis that someone might get this confused with actual facts.

For REAL answers on terrorism, go to 911blogger dot com.

Other than that....you have potential kid. Just learn your facts about history and the one the elites are writing for you

Flaxington responds:

Generally, I don't like making documentaries. As you can see, I'm not very good at them either D: This is my first and last flash documentary unless i make it on a subject i know about.


I thought it was pretty funny. I was half expecting the 'horror' end, and half expecting an approximation of the government response and psychological effects (as you had focused on earlier. It does feel like it could have used more substance and it is nice that you know it could have been better. Some of the things that I noticed (may have been mentioned):

1. The voice. Where I do understand that your recordings were rushed the audio quality in something like this can make or break the flash.

2. Graphics, Although I do understand using both drawings and still images switching back and forth can be a bit problematic, and often looks bad. This is especially true when the drawings and/or pictures are of low quality. Work a bit on the art especially the blocky hastily drawn stuff and make sure when you pick pics they aren't overly pixelated.

3. Substance. Although I know you were not focusing on the history of terrorism, it would have been nice if you used more different examples. Also some of the facts seemed a bit sketchy. In particular the rate of childhood mental illness as it pertains to the bombings. I would imagine the increase in mental illness has little to do with how their parent died, but simply that the parent has died (see mental illness rates in military children who have lost parents).

4. Long beach bombing. Although it is possible that a terrorist organization could get away with setting off a nuclear bomb. It is also pretty unlikely. In a way I liked this it was on the side of a worst case scenario. More likely it would be small bombs, a dirty bomb, a biological/chemical attack, or an attack on one of the nuclear power plants in California (if Cali is your chosen target). The power station outside of long beach is gas powered. I did enjoy the crazy worst case scenario you had going though. I thought it was fun and really made the movie for me. You may want to consider (if you remake this) to try using a likely scenario and a worst case scenario. And you may want to specify that it is a nuke being set off (as well as the size you are suggesting). Just a thought.

5. He (nitrogenousbeing) is right about the pronunciation of amygdala. It didn't bother me much though, the press constantly mispronounces things. Sadly used to it.

Overall, I am kind of a sicko so I enjoyed it. I thought the information was interesting at least, and the end was fun. It could use a deal of work but it was worth watching. Giving this 4/5 and 7/10. Keep trying.

Flaxington responds:

Audio: I really would have loved to have a clear sound with maybe a few different voices involed :/ by the time i realized that i needed to re-record i was already stressed out and freaking out.
Graphics: Once again, i had to start cutting corners because after working on a certain part of the flash, i realized that i had just spent 2+ hours.
Substance: Everyone seems to hate me for this :C IM SORRY! D:
Long beach bombing: It was a simulation. Technically, we could have done a simulation of an attack on the north pole :P I understand where youre coming from but it was more of a "what if" than a "this will happen"
Amygdala: i typed the word into speakonia and it said it the way i pronounced it. damn speakonia :C

Um... I sort of confused...

What the heck are you getting at?
Content: You start with mental health, then UK response compared to US response, and finally a simulation of a bombing at Long Beach. I'm confused... I thought this was a history lesson? You haven't done much on that subject, apart from talking about terrorist related subjects without making a point. Some of the illustrations are funny, but generally not. And where are you getting your information from? Unless you have a Ph.D in Terrorist Psychology or something I can't just take your word for this.
Graphics: Apart from the fact that you used a lot of random pictures, your drawing is generally terrible. Some of them were decent, like the beginning and the radiation poisoning parts, but overall, not.
Voice: Sounded too scripted rather than conversational, like it was supposed to be. The general music was okay though.
Overall, this animation wasn't very 'informative' as it was meant to be. The graphics were too bad and the topic wasn't well thought out. You need to rethink this, if you want to make it funny, then do so, if you want to be serious and informative, then do so. The in-between stance doesn't work well on a delicate subject like terrorism. Sorry 4 writing so much.

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Flaxington responds:

I actually got my information from somewhere online. I realize that it wasn't as informative as it should be which is one of the things I didn't really like about it.

oh no that would be bad

also the part about L.A. sounds like you're pitching a film Micheal bay, which he would possibly buy and make

Flaxington responds:

Lol that would be nice xD There wouldn't be much of a plot though... it would mostly be things exploding and people dying.

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