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American 9-Ball Pool

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9-Ball Clear-up (BRONZE) 5 Points

Get a score over 40000 in the 9-Ball Clear-Up Time Attack.

9-Ball Match Winner (BRONZE) 5 Points

Beat a Medium CPU Player (best of 3+)

9-Ball Tournament (BRONZE) 5 Points

Win the Bronze 9-Ball Tournament.

9-Ball Winners (BRONZE) 5 Points

Complete the 9 levels in the challenge with only 25 misses.

First Pint 5 Points

Have your first drink. You drink as you play and after winning matches and tournaments.

Good Break 5 Points

Get a break of 5. Any game mode will do.

1000 Pots 10 Points

Pot 1,000 balls - all game modes count.

9-Ball Match Winner (SILVER) 10 Points

Beat a Hard CPU Player (best of 3+)

9-Ball Tournament (SILVER) 10 Points

Win the Silver 9-Ball Tournament.

Endurance (Best of 21 Winner) 10 Points

Beat a Medium CPU Player or better in a long match.

Four In One Shot 10 Points

Pot 4 balls in one shot. Any game mode will do.

Pot The 9-Ball Off The Break 10 Points

Fluke the 9-ball off the break!

Top 10 10 Points

Reach the top 10 by winning tournaments! Win 9-Ball & Straight Pool Tournaments to improve your Pub Ranking.

1000 Pints 25 Points

Pints are a measure of your experience. Get 1,000 pints by playing, winning matches and tournaments.

9-Ball Match Winner (GOLD) 25 Points

Beat a V.Hard CPU Player (best of 3+)

Huge Break 25 Points

Get a break of 15. Any game mode will do.

Top 5 25 Points

Reach the top 5 by winning tournaments! Win 9-Ball & Straight Pool Tournaments to improve your Pub Ranking.

9-Ball Clear-up (GOLD) 50 Points

Get a score over 95000 in the 9-Ball Clear-Up Time Attack.

9-Ball Clear-up 100% 50 Points

Clear the table without missing a shot in the 9-Ball Clear-Up Time Attack!

9-Ball Tournament (GOLD) 50 Points

Win the Gold 9-Ball Tournament.

9-Ball Winners (GOLD) 50 Points

Complete the 9 levels in the challenge with only 4 misses. HINT: you can change the shot style...

Rank Number 1 100 Points

Reach the #1 spot in the Pub Rankings! Win 9-Ball & Straight Pool Tournaments to improve your Pub Ranking.

Author Comments

Play 9-Ball Pool tournaments, Challenges and Time Attacks. Win the cups to improve your pub ranking - are you good enough to be rank #1?

This game has excellent billiards physics with accurate spin control, and the computer AI players are fast thinking and challenging.

There are over 50 in game Trophies to be won for special achievements.

In American 9-Ball Pool, you can also play Straight Pool (14.1) tournaments.

It has simple controls and addictive game-play - Enjoy!


- Tournaments:
- 3 9-Ball Pool tournaments
- 3 Straight Pool tournaments

- Challenges:
- 9-Ball Winners
- Random Potting
- 3-Ball

- Time Attacks
- 9-Ball Clear-Up
- Straight Clear-Up

Take Shots: Aim with the mouse, then hold the left mouse button down and move it downwards. Use scale that appears on the left to judge the power.

Cancel Shot: Reduce the power bar on the left to the minimum.

There is an alternative method to taking shots in the Shot Style menu - you can change shot styles at any time using the in-game Menu button.

Newgrounds Medals
This game has 22 Newgrounds medals, they haven't been approved yet - hopefully they will be soon...

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I'm Win For 9-Ball I'm Dakota Ho Pool Table Boys

Games play very realistic, and your AI competitors play pretty much as they are rated. Love the games. Rate these 5 stars.

nice game

I think that I will have to go to rehab, cuz of this game. It's VERY addicting. There's no end to it. You can play til you've had enough. Usually, when I get frustrated with a game I put it down and walk away. So as to not hurt the next person than pisses me off. Lol. However, frustration in THIS game is fuel for me to try again. With the words "I know damn well that I can beat this guy!"
I love it. 5/5

Good game

I like the medals that you can win for this - I've got a few and hope to win a lot more over the next few weeks. Much like 8-Ball pool, I can play 9 Ball to my heart's content.

Yes, the game is based well on skill and I seem a lot better with one of these under my control than a proper pool table. The heartbeat is annoying as usual and not being able to remove that feature from the sound, without removing the sound of the balls and cues is a little bit of a peeve for me.

Trying to get to the 90,000 point mark on the time challenges is proving a bit of a bother, but I feel that I can get there, with a little more practice and the guiding hand of lady luck.

I wish that you'd take the time to draw little caricatures for the opponents that you can face on the table, as I feel that it would give us something else to look at and a little fun between frames, as you play your way to the top of the pub scene.

[Review Request Club]

NipponMonkey responds:

Thanks for the review.

You can turn the heartbeat sound off. It's a little hidden but if you go from the start menu:
[Start Menu]->[Top Scores, Stats & Settings]->[Sound Options]

Then you can turn off "Play heartbeat sound on key shots".

This option is remembered, so when you come back to play again you won't have to turn off the heartbeats again.

I'd love to add caricatures of the players, I'm not a great artist though, if I can find someone to do them for a good price, then I'll add them...

Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2011
11:51 AM EDT