Getting wheat Minecraft

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Finally Done After 3 months.

3 minutes short about a female minecraft player playing (and failing)

Enjoy ^_^


great animation skills!

EPIC. you know i once had a word wich my house was in the coast of a small continent/island and i made a boat to reach other continet and found a cave with alot of good stuff for begginers: coal,iron and stone. and i made it my main mine,every 3 minecraft days i made travels to it to mine,but one day,i forgot the time,when i opened the door of the cave,it was night,i was about to make a rush for my boat when i saw a chicken jumping on it,sending it to far far away,i was like FUUUUUUUUU and i had to make a run for it with 5 skeletons on my tail,i only survived because i paused minecraft and played: i ran by flocks of seagulls or something like that,it was pure epicness

No but seriously, Kids.

Ahh these Minecrafters...go to bed....Think everything's fine-everything's good...Wake up the next day they're on fire.

It's nice

it's really good, nice animation and music. I give all/all


It took an extremely long time to get to the point of the video. The intro was unnecessary as well as the thought bubble of her going to get the water only to be followed by her actually getting the water using the same animation, it only stalls the actual means of the video. It did not help that everything was at an awkwardly slow pace so the flash really ran on a lot longer than it should have. it made it boring and all humour that it might have had was lost - like how the end where the creeper appeared (which was already expected) it took so long for the player to even react.

1 point for music, 1 point for graphics, and 1 point for throwing a spider into a pit


I agree with MrFunky. One day i walk into my house and die in a fiery explosion

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3.92 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2011
6:50 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody