Resident Evil Code: Pwanchi Pt 1

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So here we have it.

The first episode of the sequel series to Resident Evil Pwanchi.
This time we're basing the story on one Resident Evil Code: Veronica. My favorite of the bunch :3

RECP is longer, better and more detailed in every way comparing with the first.
The script is at least 3x longer. Gonna be amazing n sexy n shit

Thank you to all the voice actors for your great effort and contribution to the first episode. I look forward to what you have for me in the future episodes.

Hope you guys like this thing ;)

P.S Logan says hi


Now sadly enough, due to Flash's limitations on how many frames can be in use. This here is an edited version of the real thing. This exceeded 19,000 frames when only 16,000 can be used. I didn't have fun removing content from the movie but I had no choice, sorry :c

The full extended version is available on YouTube ;)

Though the quality is better on here xD


Leons a dick! XD

Woot, chris and leon dream team! I had imagined the first ever team up would be epic action, not epic lulz XD

really good

that was a really good whatever you wanna call it :3 and when you get done with this you should do somethin that has leon in it

I love this serious

This was awesome flat out especially the parts with Leon. Good work guys

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Once again, a fresh sense of humor, action, and stays true to the games. I can't wait for the next one! This better damn well not take like 1-2 years.

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cyotecody555 responds:

1-2 to finish entire series or next episode? :o

I was about to say that you ripped off LF

But after 2 seconds of research, I saw that he was involved so maybe I'll keep my instant opinion to myself....

I liked it, the first half has the same feel to it as LegendaryFrog's version in 2005. (That long ago?! FUCK I'm old now) I'm not implying you stole it from him, I'm just saying that it followed the video game storyline as he did with some jokes thrown in on the side. This is not a bad thing, just a comment.

But the second half had its own humour and shine about it, I'm glad you took it off track from the main storyline and gave it your own personal take on things.

I eagerly away part deux

cyotecody555 responds:

Anyone trying to parody this certain game wanting to keep it having the same atmosphere n all that would have theirs turn out not much different than this or LF's.

Just because you have to explain that first initial opening story and they're all similar. If someone were to attempt and make a good different opening to a parody of CV, that would be interesting.

But seeing as this part mainly consisted of getting the story goin', you can't expect much difference from the original game. The parts you mentioned at the end when the more original type of writing showed up is the point when it's all been explained.

If any of that made sense, i dunno......
Hard to explain in brief text what I'm getting at.

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Jun 6, 2011
2:14 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody