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Maybe - A Farmer's Tale

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This animation is based on an ancient story which was passed on from one generation of story tellers to the next, long before writing was developed. It is often associated with the Zen philosopy and is used by Zen teachers, although, according to my research, there is nothing that proves that it was created for this purpose.

The story is also used by therapeutic practitioners of hypnosis and in recent times pratitioners of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It fits well with the conept that the meaning of any communication is in its interpretation by the recipient not by the intention of the person instigating the communication.

Maybe you will be the one to finally discover what the story is about.

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so neat-so ZEN...

It is exactly how it should be, ZEN-LIKE! Simple, clear, yet so moving...

Thanks for the meaning that shines through...

Stampini responds:

Hi Gunes

Thank you for taking the time to join NG and taking the time to comment. I find it very encouraging.

You're welcome to point out anything that you think could be improved.



Awesome job, good narration, good drawing - still needs some practice, but it's better than a good deal of what's on NG - I just have one qualm with it: No play/replay buttons! There are some awesome tutorials here that can show you how to add those; it's fairly easy.

One more suggestion for future reference, when you're telling one of these stories where the same scene will happen repeatedly (like the farmer at the tea house), change up the visuals just slightly each time - a hand in a different place, expressions to match the mood of the incident, that sort of thing.

Stampini responds:

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

The animation is made in Toonboom and because of the way it generates *.swf I've found it impossible to add a preloader. I can add an external preloader but that's not compatible with Newgrounds' submission mechanism. It may be possible to do this by importing the *.swf into CS* but the price is too high for me and I'd have no guarantee that there wouldn't be issues with the Toonboom *.swf resulting from an import/export process.

I'm still looking for someone who has done this successfully.


Very Enjoyable.

Watching the animation was fun and considering that English is not my native language, the narrator is quite understandable. The story is nice. The art is stylized but could be better. The music is fitting but kind of gets repeatative. Animations are smooth but allot of the same scenes are used over and over again. Good sides are shine but with practice I'm sure you'll make much better animations. Keep up the good work.

Stampini responds:

Thank you for your encouragement.


I'm sorry but

Without subtitles I can barely catch the English language.

It's far more easier to read a foreign language than to understand it vocally.

Stampini responds:

Thanks for taking the time to comment. Surprisingly, very little extra work in producing a Spanish version but I want to do a Cantonese version first.


A wonderful story with good animation

I have never heard this story before, but it's a fantastic one, with a good message. I love your narration; it's not too emotional, but it has a sentimental, happy tint to it. The animation is nothing really spectacular, but it's competent and complements the story well.

Stampini responds:


Thanks for taking the time to share your comments.


Credits & Info

4.41 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2011
7:58 AM EDT