Speed Animation - Spying

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My first speed animation, suggestions and comments are welcome, I tried something new so I made this stuff. Lexy, Ron, and Vhan are my original characters too. :)

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animation is good man for being speed animated, but three days it took you to make? I dunno I guess if you only worked a couple hours everyday. but I can't stand you damn anime lovers, I mean it's so typical, give a hot chick a gun and you guys think thats just the coolest! check this guy out under me Brokeman look what he wrote and I qoute "Transparent clothes? You're doing it wrong...
Entertainment? You're doing it right. :D" I'm sorry but that's so lame, I mean did he seriously say that? I'm sure he's just a fifteen year old kid so I'll excuse it, but seriously? Entertainment your doing it right I don't think so, if you call that entertainment then you probably call the show naruto entertainment.

Derospixon responds:

I'm sorry if you feel that way. But you really can't please everybody so I understand. :)

"Nice work"

Transparent clothes? You're doing it wrong...
Entertainment? You're doing it right. :D


The Transparency Threw Me Off, But Then Her Pulling Out 2 guns made me do a 360 lol, great speed animation.


I certainly didn't expect that. It was quite funny, and animated fluently. A little wierd how you can see the couch through her, but that's just your style I guess, and it's quite good. So no flaws, just a bit short.

Loved it

It was interesting and visually engaging. Your illustration talent, so lacking in many animations, goes a long way to its success. I would have liked to hear actual voices, but I understand the spare aesthetic you achieved. Full marks.

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4.43 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2011
4:14 AM EDT