Billy Boy and the Rat

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its crap i know, but i still found it slightly humourous!



What do you mean "you know it sucks" it was wonderful. Short and sweet and to the point. And some of the reasons I'm guessing it's getting reviewed is because that jump to a random portal entry thing you get after voting. Or so that how I got to it. It was decently drawn :P. I like that song lol and it has a funny voice at the end. It wasn't very violent but oh well. It was funny though :D.

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d4z responds:

thanks very much. these are the kind of reviews that i hope to keep getting!

that rat got major PWNT4G3!!!!1!1one!1!!

Well, you pwned the rat. That's it? You should make a longer one, or maybe a game.

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d4z responds:

thanks. I might make something a bit more involved shortly. I can;t believe I submitted this so long ago, and yet it is still getting reviews!!!!

i liked it

it was funny

d4z responds:

thanks :)

This is Bull Crap dude...

Only thing I liked about it was that it had one of my best friends favorit song on there, The Hamster Dance Song, but other wise, it sucked ass, no point, no humor, not even a Person called Rakujin destroying all living mortals on this Planet, you will not be spared when my time comes to own you all...

okee dokee

well, at least you put somethin out there, but next time maybe you could try making it longer and a little better quality.

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Jul 15, 2002
3:31 PM EDT