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Goldeneye flash TEST demo

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i was looking threw my stuff and found my old N64 it motivated me on creating a flash game this is one of my first ones. if i get at least 10 comments (funny, positive, or helpful) i will finish the game and add sound and stuff. you simply kill a crap load of guards. like in the game it takes a few bullets every time to kill them and it changes every time. you have body armor some die in different ways.
its really short but kinda fun. the gun has motion blurs and stuff
to use focus mode just dont click repeatedly(this allows a cross-hair to appear)
unfocus mode just shoot rapidly without aiming(no cross-hair will appear)
mouse move gun
left click shoot

just a test really captures an experience.
i dont own goldeneye or nintendo i just animated, programed, and responsable for all the graphics.
Copy right goes to nintendo same with the song its the new goldeneye soundtrack

the games kinda funny too ^_^


Pretty good actually. Not the best though. I know it probably wont have any chance of being finished but good idea nonetheless!

could you make the full version in 2 weeks i cant wait please

Will you complete it?

Will you complete this game?
I LOVE Goldeneye!!!

finish the game

new grounds is meant to be used as a complete game site not tests more though effort needs to be put into this game

amazing start

i seriously cant wait for you to make it if u do make it
i mean it needs a little work like when u shoot the guys if u dont get them in just the right spot they dont die
and the hand is cut off but either than those two things i think it was amazing
well except for the whole mass army thing but thats just a test part of it

avp2360fanpro responds:

THANKS im working on it and the army was to test out the diffrent soilders this is one of my first flash games and it would be to short without alot of guys
again thanks

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1.70 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2011
5:46 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person