Clogged Tubes 'Trailer'

June 3, 2011 –
October 27, 2011
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This 'trailer' is a clip from the first episode, though a few changes have been made since. I only uploaded this to show some friends what I was working on, so you can just ignore this or whatever.


The animation wasn't all that great and the voice acting could use improvement but overall it was a pretty decent flash and the main character is pretty interesting(even though she is a psycho).

bitch gunna come to your house from the internet and kill you? WTF!? let me guess, someone manages to get away from her and then beat her. sounds interesting.

that was.............unique

all of it was awesome except the part befor the kick in the face. besides that it was awesome and i cant wait to see the full episode

I enjoyed the animation, nice art style, and great animations even if it just involved kicking the guy, but still awesome. I'm looking forward to the full episode.

considering that this is your first animation its ok

this "trailer" left me completely lost. & didn't get any of the background you described from it (need to set story line)

The voice acting was pretty bad and the dimensions of certain things looked really weird (the knife, for example). It really detracts from anything else in the video.

The idea is interesting and i'm surprised that it haven't been done before (Which is a good thing).
The guys voice isn't very good, it didn't sound naturally.
The girls voice on the other hand is pretty good (even though she only had one line).
The art seem to be to be very well done.
You have definitely gotten my attention and I hope for more in the near furture.

Pretty characters
Pretty animation
Voice acting is a little unrealistic with some non-lip synicing but that can be improved im sure.
The idea of the series seems to be ok, but for a trailer on that certain idea I personally think you may have been able to come up with something differnet.
Dont take that the wrong way, dark humour is always win, however to tell the audience wwhat your suppose to get ready for seems a bit...of topic i suppose.
Still, looks quite intresting.

nice set up. animation feels nice voice acting seems a tad weak, but other than that I am hooked and want to see what happens next or just find out "why" in general.

Waoh. That was so wierd and kinda stalkerish much. I love how cool the characters eyes looks becuase that pink hair girls eye looks the best when she just appears out of nowhere with those elusive eyes. This will be surely amusing to watch later on to watch and Kawai(i) to see since the characters seem to look kinda chibish. :P

This experimenatl series opf your's looks and sounds very interesting.
looking forward to seeing the first episode

Must be from 4chan...

i'm not saying it should be going for realism, but i don't think anybody would just be like "huh? what? who are you?" when they get kicked in the gut of some random person they never met.

perhaps touch up on the voice acting or the characters lines in general to give it a more believable atmosphere.

definetly somehing to keep an eye out for only problem i had was that it was slow to play but when i plyed it again it went normal then slowed down again like the animation couldnt keep up with the voices at all

can't wait

I am certainly looking forward to the pain series. Oh, that is an amusing typo, main series rather. The only complaint I have is with the initial kick there is no sound affect to go with it. But when she kicks him a second time in the face there is one so I'm sure you will cover that in the upcoming series = ]

it was intresting to say the least. makes me wonder what the story will be about.

The animation looks amazing. Though I wouldn't have minded a bit of blood splatter when Edith kicks the boy in the face.

I think sound effects might be a bit of a weak point for the movie. Edith's initial kick to the chest lacks oomph. It's really sudden and unexpected so it needs to have a sound effect that matches that emotion. Something dull and heavy, maybe with a crack to it, something that makes the viewer think "Holy crap, his sternum is definitely broken."

As well he needs to make a gasp or grunt that conveys just how hard he gets hit. The current grunt is kinda weak. It lacks the violence to show that he got the wind knocked out of him as much as he should have.

My last words are advice for the series as a whole. I'll keep it short.

If you want it to be more drama than comedy, make Edith very intelligent.
If you want it to be more comedy than drama, make Edith, not necessarily stupid, but more bubbly.

I think I mentioned this before, but I can't wait for the first episode to come out.


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