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Space Rubbish

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Space Rubbish features realistic physics and gorgeous particle effects with a classic arcade feel. Blast space debris into splinters and shards, harvest the precious ores within and upgrade your ship. Defend yourself from waves of enemy attackers, energy leeching space vampires, and natural phenomenon. Original music and sound effects are provided by Datassette.

Arrow keys = Rotate and thrust
C = Fire
X = Shield

UPDATE v1.1 - Now when you lose a life, only your upgrade bar is reset, you don't lose your upgrade.

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Nice Game!

GooD Gameplay Effort and cool graphics :3

Loved it...

This is exactly like Asteroids (which I love : D) I do have the highest score (so far), but still have some comments I hope you take into consideration:

The not being able to go off one side of the map and show up on the other is kinda annoying. Especially when you get cornered.
It sucks that there isn't an upgrade past the 3 shot. It just gives you more points... Maybe another life or something?
I refuse to pay just for career mode, even if it is only 4 bucks. (I'm sure I'm not alone on that either)
I understand that you have more upgrades in the career mode, and that there is trading (with I'm not sure exactly who/what), but I don't believe having people pay for that helps out (for a lack of better term) your reputation. Although being a Mochi game I kinda expected to be asked to pay for something. : /
I did, how ever, enjoy every bit of what I was able to play. keep up the good work!


Not Feeling It...

I don't see how this is any different from Asteroids, other than the fact that you get upgrades (which you can't chose) and a few enemies.

It is annoying how the Upgrade Progression resets after you die.

Nice use of the physic system but flawed

How do i know if an impact will just push me away or insta kill me? Pretty much None.
Is it based on speed? On mass? On both? Heck one moment i can push rocks around at full speed no problem, but god help me if im hit by a rock with more than - obscure rotation/speed value- cuz THEN its an instant death.
Anyway, the tolerance for impact is just too low.

Why are ennemies are seemingly immune to impacts when im not?

Why does map edges block only me but not the ennemies?

Shield is usefull but holding it on is useless. Drains power wayyyy too fast, so just spamming the shield button make it last much longer.

Dying reset our "upgrade" bar. Not fun at all. Just cheap and frustrating.
Add a timer tha prevents us from losing an upgrade power (like 15-30 seconds) after we get it. (so we can die and still keep it) So we can at least savor our progress for a bit before losing it.

Why dont i have a choice when upgrades are gained? i wish i could choose what i get so i can customize my shit.

I want to customize my controls, arrows keys are awkward imho.

.. and no access to career mode unless we pay?

Tone is usually funny, with menus and other text. I like the background sounds.
Physic system is nice, and its really the only thing really fun there. Shoot rocks, see them break appart in nices ways.

slakinov responds:

Thanks for the feedback. The game is now updated and won't demote your upgrade when you lose a life, this should make things a bit fairer :)

As for the rock impacts, you should avoid hitting rocks at all, however there is a small threshold of allowance for slight scrapes. The force of the impact is calculated by the physics engine based on velocity, mass and rotation.

You can 'customise your shit' in the career version. This arcade version is designed to be an intense, fun little game in it's own right, but the full version is there if you want something more involved with trading and upgrades etc. I'm sorry if you feel like I'm 'taking the piss' but the price really is very low - less than a pint of beer :)

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3.37 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2011
11:02 AM EDT