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Go 2

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Author Comments

This is the second of four in the Go series. I had a lot of fun making this one!
Anyway, it is not linked with the NG API so I the game only does internal saving :( But I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed making it ^_^V

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Nice little game. Nothing spectacular. But nothing infuriating either.

I think normally I'd give it a three or a 2.5, but I didn't want to be responsible for moving the average score below 4.


Yellow text on a white background? I couldn't read any of it. I was able to make out "Start X" and I pressed X and then the screen is completely white. I tried the game twice with same results. With so major bugs and really dumb choice of colors can't really give a good score.

fushitaka responds:

How did you get a white background? It is a black background for certain. I would suggest looking into your version of flash player or internet browser.


First off, I admit that I haven't given the game a thorough playthrough, so this is just my impression from the first few levels.

It seems like a fun game. It's not really all that original, but it's a tried and true style of gameplay. My only issue with it would be the control scheme - I prefer WASD and space to jump, though that's probably just from my time as a Minecrafter.

Speaking of which, the calm music sounds very much like something one might hear in Minecraft. Who created it/where can I find it?

fushitaka responds:

Go to davegreening.bandcamp.com for the music. So far every game I have made features his music :D


This game is rather fun =3
But i do have a question, what is the song playing?
It is quit soothing.

fushitaka responds:

The song is called Caminito by Dave Greening! It is one of my favorites by him. For more go to his website: davegreening.bandcamp.com


I found a bug. After the second or third mouse hole. After the second time the brain monster chases me. After I fall down the long corridor to hit the red laser light (because I cannot avoid it) and it calls the brain monster. After that mouse hole I fall down into infinity black. Screen black. No continue. Music continues. Just no more game. I still gave you a good rating because it was fun until then. Keep testing. Fix the bug and it will be fine.

fushitaka responds:

I know what is causing that bug. I have to go back and fix positioning. Sorry about that -_-