The Perfect Fighter

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version 1.9
The Ultimate fighting flash game by Flashkof !
great high resolution graphics
12 characters
severals game modes
multiplayer online (coming soon)
lot of options
and more...
Log in with facebook or Mochi log and you will can save all features likes achievments...
If you finish the game with all characters, you will unlock a secret character !


Great graphics, animation and sweat gameplay!

This game definitely shows that Flash is capable of producing really impressive stuff. A lot of work has definitely been put into this. There are 12 characters and the graphics and animations are excellent. The gameplay is really good and functional... Well, in practice mode mostly. There are annoying glitches that usually kill the other modes for me. Other than that, it's awesome. Please fix the glitches for the next
version, to earn a 10/10.

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Technically very impressive. Amazing what can be done with flash. Game wise...not the best. But huge points for the graphics.

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WOW realy

you copy 1 of the blazblue songs


i got stick in level 4 in easy mode:(

I agree with cpe007

The idea itself is great, graphics, characters, controls are all good. But there are some huge glitches. Such as the loading page, either not loading at all, taking forever to load, or not making up it's mind about what percent it's on. If you could please fix these problems it would be a SQUILLION times better. (And I would actually get to play).

Please take this into consideration, because no matter how good a game is, after a while the glitches become too much to handle. I'm sure you can fix it!

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3.47 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2011
1:33 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS