Goku vs Zero part 2

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all the sprites belong to there owners hope you liked it if you didn't see the first one go see before you see this. this is short i dont care im boried


that was vegito in vegetas outfit

that was not zero it was vegeta

it was pretty cool though but you should make goku vs. zero from megaman x

Come on

Goku can just turn into SS3 and kill him

supersj44 responds:

hey you alreday said that he did duhhh

You, my friend, need better sound effects.

They were pretty bad, but whatever. The timing and sprite movement was...odd, to say the least. One thing I was pleasantly surprised about, you have/made some kick-ass special effects. Really, nice job. Honestly this would've been, like, a 4/10, but thems was some flashy effects. It confuses me a little, now that I think about it. You clearly have some excellent skills with animating (ie. lightning, orbs, blurring, fading, distortion), I dunno why the sprite work wasn't up to par. Well, this review has gone on too long so a quick summary; get better SFX, practice sprites, and awesome visual effects.

On an unrelated note, in Author & File Information, you have yourself listed as "other" instead of author/animator.

The best part about this...

Was that THIS was a sequel to something.

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supersj44 responds:

yes read the description

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May 31, 2011
10:39 PM EDT