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*This game is currently in its alpha stage.*

Mindy finds her self in a childhood nightmare of epic proportions. She has to fight her way out using weapons given to her by her now animated teddy bear, Binky. As her nightmare continues, Mindy realizes that the only way she can get out is to blast her way through an onslaught of enemies. Help Mindy make it through her nightmare by blasting through hell. Good luck.

If there its something you didn't like about Mindy, please let me know. My team and I are working to make games you'll enjoy playing but we can't do it without you. So let us know and we'll do our best to make a better gaming experience for you.

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I honestly think you should make more like stylized because after round 5 I kinda got bored this game is a good start just make it feel more enjoyable

Excellent Job

I'm proud of you guys!

AndreVega responds:

Thanks man! You should join us for the 3 day game jam. I'll let you know the info as soon as I get the team to vote,

Good Start

Alot of effort and time has been applied and the only way to go is up! :-)

AndreVega responds:

Thanks for the effort and the time. You did really great work hope we can get more of the sounds you made in.

Some suggestions

I spent quite a bit of time with this, in no small part because I'm toying with the idea of doing some game development myself and wanted to see what another team's early alpha looked like.

Technical: Everything worked smoothly at first, but by about wave 8 I started noticing that the aiming cursor wasn't tracking my mouse movements as closely as before. It looked as though the program started missing mouse events as the game became busier. That said, I've noticed "dropped" input events in other games too, so this may be problem with my setup (Flash 10,3,181,14 on IE8, Windows Vista 64bit).

Aesthetic: I liked the enemies' death animation, but I would have liked to see "impact" animations as well, i.e. a little explosion when a projectile hits something without killing it.

Gameplay: It's fun at first, but it needs more different enemy behaviors to remain interesting. E.g. enemies that try to flank the player, enemies that try to dodge the player's shots, enemies that are vulnerable only at certain times (such as just after firing at the player), enemies that bounce around the arena, etc.

Also, I suspect some players might find it frustrating to have enemies shoot from offscreen.

I hope your game turns out well and that you have a lot of fun making it!

AndreVega responds:

I noticed some issues with mouse traking as well. We are working to optimize the code on that.Currently w are also working on enemy variety as well as better AI. We are working to revamp the game and game play experience and hope you will weigh in on the beta. Thank you for your thorough review!


I will admit the characters do need some personality but there is a wide varitey. If you get to the second area thats where the craziness starts.... Also with the health pick ups try giving the bear health as well instead of just the main character so that you don't have to switch, it is kind of annoying to have to switch characters constantly just to keep health up. Otherwise great job.

AndreVega responds:

I will definitely try working that in. probably try to get the bear to actively seek health after his health gets low. Thanks

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

May 31, 2011
10:08 PM EDT