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FoL's Infinite Arena

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Play as Fol and defend the Infinite Arena from the invaders!

WASD - Movement
Aim and Shoot - Mouse

Follow the Blue Arrow to find the closest enemy.

Destroy enough enemies to earn Upgrades!

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Inifinate? Not Really!

Simple fun game.
Didn't like the tech structure, and that you can't reach top guns in 5 lvls.
There should be more levels.
+ It's too few bullets and too avoidable for a bullet hell
Too less damage per bullet to be a challenge if you have any skill avoiding the shots. IMHO let the bullets make more dmg but reset life with every lvl-up.

great AI

you have really good AI. while simplistic is sometimes good it can be slightly boring at the same time add some art to it and it will stand out above the rest.

Simple and Fun

I liked the simplicity of it. I played it for an hour or so though. There isn't enough substance to the game. But for the small file size, it impressed me enough to leave this review. Good job!

Climbnaked responds:

I'de say getting someone to play a 650kb game for an hour is a success. Thank you :)


extreme game dude, highly addictive but fu... red balls they kick my ass eventually haha, perhaps the music it's a little bit disturbing after a while dude but i like the ideas for the weapons, anyway keep on rockin' dude

Enjoyable Gameplay

The movement controlls are precise, and I had no trouble steering from the get-go. Also, the level-up system was very creative. However, I'm a little disappointed that there were no lives, and that instead you reset to your starting stats. Plus, the fact that you could only know the whereabouts of your closest enemy was kinda annoying (a mini map would be nice). Lastly, the music isn't bad, but VERY repetitive, a mute button or more music would be great.

Overall, not a bad game, and with a tweak on the graphics and in game options, it would get my vote as a ten.