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Deliverance ep. 2

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After getting a note from a bird, Dano, Jackoo and Aisan are on their way to a Russian military organization known as the Vrauden Force.

The second episode of my original serie "Deliverance" and the introduction of Artisan, the Head of the Raft Saga, one of the two delivery companies in Everance Town.

oh and by the way, the timming of the voices get a little unsynchronized in the end, don't know why, in the flash program it synchronized just fine.

well, hope you guys like it.


Deliverance: Making Couriers Cool Again

"Deliverance" is PParreira's debut cartoon series, unpolished and campy. It has enough seriousness behind it to keep one's attention while throwing out parodies and mischief that prevent it from becoming too dramatic.

In this story, fun-loving Dan and his associates, straight-laced Jackoo and silent redhead Aisan, set out to become military recruits. However, in the previous episode, Dan shot down a messenger bird in a parody of the NES game Duck Hunt and led his crew under false pretenses to the home base of a hardcore Russian military organization called Vrauden Force. Meanwhile, Artisan, a courier agency manager, tries to convince one of his agents to deliver captured firearms and munitions to Vrauden Force HQ, a contract worth 350k in Pounds. A confrontation between these parties will likely occur in the next episode.

Several The voice-overs, while okay, also sounded faint, as if the recording levels were inconsistent. Also, going over the register on a microphone when yelling is painful for everyone involved. The color scheme, hints of web216, tend to drag the art direction down. The animation and scrolling are both choppy as well. If voice and music go out of sync, it can be remedied by typing the frame rate as a little under .03 as much, meaning 24 fps becomes 23.97 fps. It is an imperceptible straightening out of the sequencing that the program compensates for. That's one known workaround to exist.

There is plenty to love, of course. There are parodies of "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" and "Mythbusters", littered with J-Pop rave parties and silent film excerpts in a continuous stream of absurdity that is both clean and cracked. The redhead Aisan has become my favorite character: she tags along, says nothing, and does things that just stick out and make you wonder... like, how? WHY?

The only thing I want to see is Deliverance in its entirety. PParreira should make every effort to ensure this thing, no matter how outlandish or poor-looking, is completed as a series. It is great when you're a flash author, greater still if you've created a whole series.

PParreira responds:

thanks for the review
as for the voice clips, I still don't know why it got out of synchronization, but if I changed the frame rate it would affect the whole flash, and it just starts to unsynchronize after the silent 50's clip.

Well, at least on my next one I didn't had the same problem.


It seems you managed to make all the improvements without me having to tell you about it. The Ace Attorney part made me laugh, nice job. More interesting characters, better animation, an even more interesting plot (which I didn't even think was possible).
I still suggesting blur, and maybe setting your music from event to stream should fix the syncing problems...
I'll say you're pretty good from here on. Can't wait for your next work!

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PParreira responds:

thank you very much, but still, the next one doesn't have any blur effects, sorry =(



Good animation...

Will suggest using the occasional motion tween with your lip syncing for a more fluid look, and maybe lowering the sensitivity of your microphone then increasing the volume in post-production to minimize the buzzing. If subtitles weren't in place, this movie would've been hard to follow.

Otherwise, I'm always ecstatic to see an decently animated movie with unique dialogue!

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PParreira responds:

yeah I know, Anya's voice clips (girl in purple) were a bit too loud for the mic to handle, buit asked my voice actress to take it easy so that the same mistake wont happen.

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May 31, 2011
6:45 PM EDT
Comedy - Original