How to make a flash game

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Not much to say but if you need help email me at zel-007@hotmail.com

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When will you be making a 2 player game?


Tutorials like this encourage copy/paste coding. Copy/pasting will not learn you anything so it's just a waste of time.

It just doesn't work like that! A proper programmer will have to learn the basics of the programming language first, then you will need only the theory and hardly any code samples.

When problems arise this way, people will NOT know how to fix them, because it wasn't written by them! Therefor, I say stop making noob tutorials. There's enough basic ActionScript 3 tutorials on the web and after doing them you can write the basic stuff like this YOURSELF!

Enviuse responds:

Read my other reply's as i said i will be making another tut on how these codes works as i had no space to write in how it works


you didnt exsplain how any of the code works it seems as you just copyed some code from google and pasted it into flash.

Enviuse responds:

The only reason I did not explain is because there is not much space to write how it works I will make another tutorial on how these codes works and how you can
adjust them

Action script version

Most importantly you need a pre loader you can download a newgrounds preloader if you dont have one.
I think you should specify that this is AS2 and not AS3 because with AS3 you cannot apply actions directly to a symbols.

The tutorial I think could use more detail about making movie clips with animated characters like walking cycles and then explain how to swap movie clips with code like changing the idle standing pose to a movie clip with the walking cycle when hitting the arrow keys, then changing that to a jumping pose when in the air.

Overall I think it needs more planning tutorials are not easy to make and like any artist that storyboards for a game or animation you need to create a lesson plan and go into more detail, perhaps create separate tutorials for Platform and 2 player. Again specification for new flash users what action script version you are using becuz new flash are probably using Flash CS3 and up and will have problems using AS2 on movie clips.

The same tutorial...

Why are all the people who make tutorials never the ones who make any decent games? I've seen this type of tutorial around the web a thousand times over but changed in the way its presented. There are always the same types of things in each tutorial, a rectangular character, a basic platform to jump around and a basic coin system, how about coming up with something original and not just some basic copied code from some other tutorial and I can probably bet that you cant even understand it yourself. So how you're able to teach anyone is beyond me.

Enviuse responds:

Im going to create a tutorial on how these codes works and advanced character movement , please tell me what other stuff i should include

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