Sky Pigs [Multiplayer]

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Sky Pigs is probably a familiar game to many of you, especially if you've played Helicopter or any of it's variants. We set out to create a multiplayer game inspired by Helicopter and by the neat distractions in the XBLA Indie game which also is Helicopter like, called Techno Kitty Adventure that tried to distract you with all sorts of crazy stuff in the background.

So in Sky Pigs, you try to survive the longest, but even if you lose your three lives, you can roll a slot machine to summon distractions, or even come back to life if you're lucky.

Playing With Friends: When you're in the game lobby, you can invite any of your friends to play with you by clicking the "Copy Invite Link" button. Just send it to them via IM or whatever, and they'll join your game. It's more fun that way.

** This game is CPU intensive! And we have to ESTIMATE the display of other players, so their silhouettes will seem to go through obstacles! But they die when they really do. **


Mouse Click - Go Up
Up Arrow - Go Up
Spacebar - Go Up
W - Go Up

and uh. LET GO of the button you use to go down. derp.


If you lose 3 of your lives while there are players still going at it in game, you can roll the slot machine for revenge distractions. There's even a chance to come back to life... almost in tact.

Leveling Up:

If you're logged in with an OMGPOP account, we add up the total distance you've ever gone and give you a level based on it. Reaching level 40 turns you into a different animal we used in beta.


In the top left, there are two options "Reduce Lag" which caps the frame rate at 30, which may help some people. and "Music On" which obviously will stop playing music if you turn it off.


This game is really resource intensive! And yes, other players in the games positions are only ESTIMATED, so it may look like they are going through obstacles, but they are not in reality. It's only an estimate of the direction they are going.



I love this game! Its awesome, competitive, and silly enough to keep my attention span!

What it needs though: More levels, or at the very least, more skin packs for the same level!
Think variety, thing choose your own color pigs!
And think about sound effects! More of them! Like a long, trailing, despondent pig wail when you lose you last life!

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iminlikewithyou responds:

Thanks, we'll see how the game does and consider adding some new stuff!


this is a really good game, the multiplayer aspect of the game making it more addictive. good to play when you lack free time, but, not really that good of a game. sure it has a really cute pig with a jet pack, but that's kind of all there is. You could probably make this game into a bigger game with different levels, upgrades, and a plotline. have multiplayer mode be seperate from the main game. That would be pretty cool. okay job, but i would like to see you build on this. It could be really great.

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iminlikewithyou responds:

It was built to be simple and very replayable. More levels, backdrops, would have def been nice, but we just want a consistent game that you can quickly invite your friend to and have fun.



i cant sign in more than once

iminlikewithyou responds:

Hmm, what do you mean? Email me for help: joseph@omgpop.com


Neat game... but I've seen a bug, when I won a game, I get 2 gold medals for one race... that was a little weird, but only happened once... Also players usually calls me hacker because I won all race.... they can't believe that hackers can't hack server sided games...

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iminlikewithyou responds:

Glad you enjoyed it Scearezt! Hmm, I think I can do a quick check to see how often that is happening.

Love It

In my call center days i was addicted to a game called "Helicopter".. this is a sweet version and u are competing directly with others which is bonus! Will someone make a better version? smh, when pigs fly XD

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iminlikewithyou responds:

Thanks RealWilz! It's awesome to see that you're enjoying it. I was a helicopter addict took, haha

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3.98 / 5.00

May 31, 2011
11:53 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight
  • Daily Feature June 1, 2011